Course: 2D Animation With No Drawing Skills in After Effects

2D Animation With No Drawing Skills in After Effects

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About this Course

Learn how to practice animation even if you don’t know how to draw

This course is divided in 3 parts:

  • Theory (Secrets to do awesome animation with no drawing skills, and how to make interesting characters no matter how simple they look)
  • Rigging (A series of tutorials that teaches you how to rig a character step by step)
  • Animation (Another series of tutorials that teaches you how to animate body language for simple characters)

There are a couple of things you need to understand to achieve simple animations.

  • Shapes
  • Body Language
  • Emotional Expression
  • Character Relationships
  • What makes a good story

And for your character, you only need a Body, Arms, Legs and a Mouth. Eyes are optional.

If a simple circle has personality, people will watch it.

Our personal purpose is to help anyone interested in Animation to start practicing with little projects, simple Characters, and most of all, explore the expressiveness of their Body Language and Character Acting.

Many people seldom to start learning 2D animation because they are convinced that you need to know how to draw.

While drawing skills can help you to improve, that is not the essential skill to do animation. For animation you need to understand the most basic principles in animation, like timing, anticipation, pose to pose.

Concepts that Thomas and Johnson, 2 of the animation masters in Disney talk about in their famous book, Illusion of Life.

This course puts those basic concepts into practice and also explains step by step how to achieve great body language when a character is talking.

What you will get:

  • Lifetime Access to all the Lessons: This is not a membership course. We offer a 1 time payment to have full access to all the lessons, and if you claim your spot, you will have everything for free.
  • Downloadable Project Files: You can download the project files to follow along with the tutorials and practice on your own. Heck! You can even skip the Theory and start with Animation!
  • Access to Student Discussions: In here you will be able to share any ideas or projects you are currently working on with other fellow students, and even ask for help when needed.
  • Step by Step In Depth Explanations: The course covers everything from Theory to Practice. You will learn how to set up your characters and why; with tutorials to help you animate them.
  • Printable Workbooks: Thanks to all the feedback from all the students in our other courses, we decided to add Practical Guides that will help you set your characters easier.
  • Full HD Video Tutorials: All the lessons were recorded in Full HD so you can see every detail and every step of the process. Every click and every keyboard stroke is shown.

What is the target audience?

  • Absolute beginners who don't have any drawing skills and would like to learn animation
  • Not for students with a lot of experience in Character Animation
Basic knowledge
  • You don't have to know anything, this is a STARTER. But some experience in After Effects helps
What you will learn
  • Design Simple Characters
  • Do Character Animation, expressing with body language
Number of Lectures: 80
Total Duration: 05:17:12
Introduction to the course
  • Who Is Better Short Film  
  • Getting the Project Files  
  • Introduction  
  • Two Secrets To Do Awesome Animations  
  • Example of Simple and Interesting  
  • Interesting Character in a Good Story  
  • Analyzing Who Is Better  
  • Review of Getting Started PDF  
Character Emotion
  • Emotional Expression And Body Language  
  • Character Relationships  
  • Relationship Examples  
  • Review of Character Emotion PDF  
Character Design
  • Designing Characters With Geometric Shapes  
  • Body Language From Geometric Shapes  
  • Expressing With The Mouth  
  • Working With References  
  • Designing Simple Characters  
  • Klay Tutorials  
  • Review of Character Design PDF  
Planning a Project
  • Planning Your Animation With a Storyboard  
  • Hiring Voice Talent  
  • Preparing for the Animatic  
  • Editing The Animatic  
  • Finished Animatic for Who Is Better  
  • Review of Planning a Project PDF  
Introduction to Rigging Tutorials
  • Introduction to Rigging Tutorials  
  • Getting Adobe After Effects (For those who don't have it yet)  
  • New Composition in After Effects (For absolute Beginners)  
  • Creating the Body for Simple (The circle)  
  • Creating Arms and Legs for Simple  
Rigging The Character
  • Getting the exact Duik Plug used in the tutorials  
  • Automation Using Expressions  
  • Setting Forward Kinematics  
  • Setting Inverse Kinematics  
  • Rigging the Right Arm and Legs  
Preparing Controllers
  • Creating and Aligning Controllers  
  • Connecting the Body with Controllers  
  • Cleaning the Timeline  
Working with the Mouth
  • Mouth Expression Research  
  • Drawing The Mouth Variations  
  • Prepare Mouth for Emotional Lip-Sync  
  • Animating the First Two Mouths for the Lip Sync  
  • Animating the rest of the Mouths  
  • Preparing the Mouth with Expression Controls  
  • Head Turn Effect  
  • Activating the Flip Switch to rotate the Mouth  
Emotional Lip Sync
  • Emotional Auto Lip-Sync using Expressions  
  • Adding Dialogue to test Auto Lip Sync  
  • Wiggly Body for Maniac Effects  
  • Simple Shading  
Technical Tips to Know Before Animating
  • Introduction to Animation Tutorials  
  • Getting EASE AND WIZZ  
  • Tips on Changing the Elbow Knee Angles Part 1  
  • Tips on Changing the Elbow Knee Angles Part 2  
  • Refining the Lip Sync  
  • Basic Frame Units in Animations at 24 fps  
  • Basic Frame Units for Reaction Movements  
  • Applying the 5 to 10 frame rule  
  • Basic Frame Units for Aggressive Movements  
Animation Tutorials
  • Preparing the Timeline for the Posing  
  • Adding two more markers  
  • Posing the 1st Keyframe Like Me  
  • Posing the 2nd Keyframe Body, Hand and Mouth  
  • Posing the 2nd Keyframe Left Hand and Hips  
  • Posing the 2nd Keyframe Correcting the Left Leg  
  • Posing the 3rd Keyframe  
  • Adding Markers for Anticipation and Aftermath  
  • Animating the Anticipation of the 1st Pose  
  • Animating the Aftermath of the 1st Pose  
  • Applying Ease and Wizz  
  • Animating the Anticipation of the 2nd Pose  
  • Fixing the Left Leg  
  • Fixing the Right Arm  
  • Animating the Anticipation of the 3rd Pose  
  • Fixing the Right Hand Drop  
  • Fixing the Left Leg for Final Position  
Wrapping Up The Course
  • Closing thoughts on Body Language Animation  
  • CHALLENGE Animating 3 seconds  
  • Prepare Composition for Rendering  
  • Rendering for YouTube in After Effects  
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