Course: 3D Game Modeling & Animation With Blender

3D Game Modeling & Animation With Blender

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About this Course

Welcome to 3D Game Modeling & Animation With Blender where you will learn everything you need to know about 3D game modeling and 3D animation for games.

Devslopes has taught over 100,000 students. We think we are the coolest kid on the block. We like to make fun stuff, and then share the knowledge. Just try us and see!


This course goes hand-in-hand with our top selling course Unity Game Development Academy. Over there you learn the code - here you learn how to create the 3D models and animations needed to bring games to life.

Also, this course is ALL ABOUT GAMES. This isn't 3D modeling for movies or for architecture. This is all about games. What that means is you will learn about low poly modeling. You will learn the tricks the pros use to make low poly models look amazing. Everything you learn takes into consideration the game engine you will use with the assets you create.


  • Over 20 hours of video content
  • Exercises that will push your skills
  • Quizzes that will help you retain what you have learned
  • Free Chatroom access - interact with over 20,000 students real time
  • Skills needed to make 3D models, characters, and VFX


  • You can create your own 3D games
  • You can start your portfolio and start applying for jr 3D designer jobs
  • You can learn to code and learn 3D to be a one stop shop
  • You can start your own game studio

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for Unity 3D developers who want to learn 3D game modeling and animation
  • This course is for aspiring game artists who want to learn how to become 3D game artists
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make awesome 3D models and animations with Blender
Basic knowledge

You should own a PC running Windows or Linux or own a Mac

What you will learn
  • Be proficient at Blender for 3D modeling and animation
  • Create 3D characters in Blender
  • Animate 3D characters in Blender
  • Create VFX in Blender
  • Create concept art in Krita
  • Paint textures for 3D models in Krita
Number of Lectures: 45
Total Duration: 22:30:00
Intro to Blender and Krita
  • Course Overview  
  • Inside Look: Speed Painting Textures  
  • Intro to Game Art - Blender Setup  
  • Basic 3D Concepts  
  • Basics of Painting in Blender  
  • Alternative concept art with Inkscape  
  • Intro to Krita to use for prop concept art  

    Intro to Krita and concept art overview 

  • Design Elements and Principles  

    Time-lapse Video of prop concepts with commentary 

  • Scenery setup and Pot Modeling  

    In this video we cover setting up our scene and start modeling the pot

  • Session 1 - Quiz  
  • Session 1 - Exercise  
Prop Modeling
  • Finishing up the Pot Modeling  

    Finish modeling post

  • Modeling the Chest and Sword  

    Model and sword

  • Modeling the Crossbow  

    Model Crossbow

  • Modeling - Finishing the Crossbow and creating the Wand  

    Wrap up crossbow and modeling wand

  • Modeling the Environment Assets  

    Modeling modular environment assets: Dungeon pieces like floor, wall, door, and traps

  • Intro to unwrapping assets with Krita  

    Introduction to UV unwrapping, texture baking, and image editing with

    Krita. We learn how to add color to and ambient occlusion render and

    apply textures

  • Unwrapping the rest of the assets with Krita  

    Continued unwrapping of the rest of the assets.

  • Creating materials and applying textures  

    In this video we learn to create materials and apply tileable textures.

  • Painting custom textures with Krita  

    In this video we paint a custom texture using krita and add more materials.

  • Applying custom textures using Blender paint  

    In this video we do custom texture for the chest using Blender paint.

  • Applying textures using various methods  

    Time-lapse video covering the texturing of the chest, crossbow and going using various methods.

  • Texturing the Pillar with Blender  

    Realtime video of texturing the pillar in blender.

  • Time-lapse: Using brush strokes and operations  

    Time-lapse video covering the rest of the props. Slow enough for you to

    see all the brush strokes and operations.

  • Time-lapse: Final styling touches to the Wand  

    Time-lapse video covering the rest of the wand. Slow enough for you to see all the brush strokes and operations.

  • Using overlays in Krita and adding colors with Blender  

    This video covers adding color to our assets using overlays in krita and

    also adding color in blender

  • Session 2 - Quiz  
  • Session 2 - Exercise  
Character modeling and Animation
  • Intro to Modeling the Character  

    Introduction to character concept art using Krita

  • Modeling our Character Boots using Blender  

    We model the boots.

  • Modeling our Character using Blender  

    We model the torso, arms, legs, and pants.

  • Modeling our Character arms and hands  

    Hand modeling OH MY!

  • Modeling the Armor for our Character  

    Modeling the Armor

  • Modeling our Character's Skull and Helmet - Part 1  

    Modeling the skull and helmet

  • Modeling our Character's Skull and Helmet - Part 2  
  • Unwrapping our Character and adding color  

    We cover the basics of character unwrapping

  • Blocking out colors using Blender Paint  

    Using blender paint mode to block out colors.

  • Styling our Character using Blenders Paint Mode  

    We learn how to add basic shading to the textures using blenderʼs paint


  • Time-lapse: Refining Character Textures  

    Time-lapse video refining the characterʼs texture.

  • Preparing our Character for Animation  

    Begin setting up the bones and intricately putting feet controls together. I promise, it will hurt.

  • Setting up Weights and adding Mesh to our Character  

    Setting up the weights and adding bones to the mesh.

  • Animating our Character  

    Intro to animating. We animate the bones using keyframes and basic principles of animation.

  • Setting up FPS Animations  

    Setting up the FPS character arms and animations. Always recycle!

  • Session 3 - Quiz  
  • Session 3 - Exercise  
Bringing it into Unity 3D
  • Importing our Assets into Unity  

    Lets import all the things so all the things can be setup by our devs!

  • Creating Portal Effects  

    Lets make a portal like Portal only using one texture.

  • Session 4 - Quiz  
  • Session 4 - Exercise  
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