Course: Beginner Moho Pro/Anime Studio: 2D Illustration-Animation

Beginner Moho Pro/Anime Studio: 2D Illustration-Animation

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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Have you triedáto learn Moho but gottenástuck? áWell, you're not the onlyáone -- I've been where you are now.

Maybe youátriedápiecingátogether YouTube videos but couldn't findáwhere to begin or theáorder in whicháto watch them

Maybe youátried other online video courses but found they wereáoutdated (no longer matched your version of the software), were too specific oráwayátoo advanced

Maybe you tried an introductory course which was niceábut it was too short

I created this course to specifically address these issues. áThey areáwhat I viewed as a gaping holeáin the previously available body of Moho knowledge; namely, a decent introduction.

This course provides a detailed, easy to follow introduction to the latest version ofáMoho Debut and Pro, version 12á(notáAnime Studio 11, 10, 9...). áThis introduction is 8 hours in length (not oneáhour) because itáaddressesáall the phases of 2D developmentáusing Moho (not justáone phase) including:

  • Illustration
  • Rigging
  • Animation

It even includes a lengthy section on lip syncing a character manually and using a semi-automated process based on the freeáPapagayo product from Smith Micro.

Though this course is for beginners it delves into advanced topics such as:

  • Smart Bones
  • Reference Layers
  • Target Bones

After completing this course, you'll know Moho very well. áYou'll certainly be able to tackle more advanced YouTube lectures to honeáyour skills to perfection.

Click on the Enroll button to begin learning the most powerful 2D illustration and animation software in the world: Moho Debut/Pro.

I'll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning the details of Moho
  • Anyone interested in creating vector graphic illustrations
  • Anyone interested in learning to rig animated characters
  • Anyone interested in 2D character animation
Basic knowledge
  • A PC running Windows 10 (demonstrated) or Mac running MacOS
  • A copy of Moho to follow along: Debut, Pro (preferred) or a trial version
What you will learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of Moho and how to use it like a pro
  • Learn to create vector graphic illustrations
  • Learn to rig a character for animation
  • Learn to create professional 2D animation
  • Learn switch layers, smart bone dials, target bones and the timeline
Number of Lectures: 96
Total Duration: 08:02:07
  • Welcome  
  • What is Moho?  
  • Animation Workflow  
  • Course Overview  
  • Additional Resources  
  • Section Summary Using Moho Kinetic Typography  
  • Section Project: Install Moho  
Introductory Workshop
  • Create Your First Animated Illustration in Just 10 Minutes  
  • Create Your First Illustration in Just 10 Minutes  
  • Create Your First Rig in Just 6 Minutes  
  • Create Your Second Animation in Just 10 Minutes  
  • Sharing Your Work  
Illustration Part I
  • Introduction to Illustration with Spud the Potato  
  • Getting Started  
  • The Timeline, Keyframe 0 and Your Current Layer  
  • Remember, Cntl-Z Is Your Friend  
  • Using Library Resources or Character Wizard Instead of Drawing It  
  • Posing Characters for 2D Animation  
  • Drawing Shapes  
  • Selecting Points  
  • Transforming Points  
  • Adding, Deleting and Copying Points  
  • Smoothing Curves Using the Legacy Method and Bezier Curves  
  • Configuring Line Thickness and Hiding Lines  
  • Selecting Shapes and Applying Styles  
  • Let's Pause for a Mid-section Project  
Illustration Part II
  • Drawing Arbitrary Shapes with the Add Points Tool  
  • Shape Stacking Order  
  • Layers  
  • Layer Groups and Masking  
  • Using Accelerator Keys  
  • Using Styles to Style Multiple Layers  
  • Displaying and Configuring the Grid  
  • Freeform Drawing Tool  
  • Reviewing and Exporting Your Work  
  • Tracing  
  • Section Project: Trace an Image of Your Head  
  • Section Summary with Dill the Pickle  
Illustration Workshop
  • Using and Modifying Library Resources  
  • Tracing Scanned or Digital Images  
  • Originating an Illustration within Moho  
  • Illustrating Switch Settings  
  • Introduction to Rigging  
  • What is Rigging and What Have Bones Got to Do with It?  
  • Creating and Populating a Character Bone Layer  
  • Adding, Transforming and Reparenting Bones  
  • Setting Bone Strength and Binding Bones to Points  
  • Adding Switch Layers  
  • Smart Bone Dials  
  • Using Target Bones  
  • Bones Dynamics  
  • Using Pin Bones  
  • Reference Layers  
  • Section Project: Rig Your Own Character  
  • Section Summary  
Rigging Workshop
  • Illustrating and Rigging the Perfect Arm  
  • Rigging a Character Body Pt. 1  
  • Rigging a Character Body Pt. 2  
  • Rigging a Character Body Pt. 3  
  • Rigging a Character Face: Eyes Blink  
  • Rigging a Character Face: Eyes Movement  
  • Rigging the Character Face: Mouth  
Audio and Lip Syncing
  • Introduction to Audio and Lip Syncing  
  • Recording Audio Using Moho  
  • Manually Lip Syncing a Dynamic Mouth  
  • Manually Lip Syncing a Switched Mouth  
  • Papagayo Semi-automatic Lip Syncing  
  • Installing Papagayo  
  • Implementing a Preston Blair Phenome Set Based Mouth Switch Layer  
  • Section Project: Record Audio and Lip Sync a Character  
  • Conclusion to Audio and Lip Syncing  
  • Introduction to Animation  
  • Basic Animation Using Bones  
  • Additional Animation Options  
  • Advanced Timeline Editing (Part 1)  
  • Advanced Timeline Editing (Part 2)  
  • Animating a Preston Blair Walk Sequence  
  • Using Cycles to Repeat Sequences  
  • Background Animation  
  • Camera Animation  
  • Producing and Distributing a Video  
  • Section Project: Create an Animation  
  • Animation - Section Summary  
Animation Workshop
  • Sample Animation  
  • 1 - Gather and Arrange Your Resources  
  • 2 - Your Character Walks on Stage  
  • 3 - Your Character Speaks as the Camera Zooms  
  • 4 - Clean Up, Produce and Distribute Your Animation  
Bonus: Jumping Ahead to Moho Animation by Skipping Illustration and Rigging
  • Introduction to Skipping Ahead  
  • An Overview of Moho Projects and Layers  
  • Using the Character Wizard to Build Your Character  
  • Loading a Prebuilt Character from the Library  
  • Loading Backgrounds/Props/Effects from the Library  
  • Loading Images for Use as Backgrounds  
  • Loading Prebuilt Resources Off the Internet  
  • What Now?  
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