Course: Create Animated Series for YouTubers in CrazyTalk Animator 3.1

Create Animated Series for YouTubers in CrazyTalk Animator 3.1

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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

In this course you will learn how to use the best software for YouTubers who want to create an Animated Series.

Inside you will learn:

  • Why CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 is the best choice to create an Animated Series with simple characters
  • The Requirements to Start Your Own Animated Series
  • The Workflow to Produce Each Episode
  • An Overview of The Interface of Crazytalk Animator 3.1
  • How to Zoom in And Navigate Through the Workspace and Timeline
  • How to Compose a Scene Quickly Using Bonus Package Contents
  • How Fast You Can Animate PSD Characters Using Bones
  • How to Lightspeed Your Animation Using Motion Clips
  • How to Create and Save Reusable Content for Each Episode of Your YouTube Animated Series
  • The Importance of The Visualization
  • How to Design A PSD Character in Photoshop
  • How to Rig Your Characters Quickly
  • How to Set Up the Face
  • How to Animate Facial Emotions Quickly
  • How to Use the Auto Lip Sync Feature
  • How to Adjust the Lip Sync to Your Needs
  • And How to Put Together a Complete Scene
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to start an animated series for YouTube
  • Animators who want to animate 3X faster with simple characters
Basic knowledge
  • You should be able to use a PC at a beginner level
  • You should be familiar with downloading files
What you will learn
  • Create an Animated Series
  • Animate each episode of your animated series 3X faster
Number of Lectures: 31
Total Duration: 04:01:53
  • What you will learn  
  • Download the Project Files  
  • HARD EVIDENCE - Why Crazy Talk Animator is the best for YouTubers  
  • Requirements for Animated Series  
  • The Workflow for YouTube Animated Series b  
  • Overview of the Interface  
  • Zooming and Navigation  
Advantages of Animating in Crazy Talk Animator 3.1
  • Compose a scene quickly with Bonus Package Content  
  • How quickly you can animate PSD Characters using Bones  
  • Lightspeed Animation using Motion Clips  
  • Create and Save Reusable Custom Content for Animated Series  
Design and Prepare PSD Characters
  • Importance of the visualization  
  • Design a PSD character in Photoshop  
  • Rig a character in Photoshop (Pipeline users)  
Animate the Body
  • Advanced Character Animation Adjusting Motion Clips Pt 1  
  • Advanced Character Animation Adjusting Motion Clips Pt 2  
  • Custom Character Animation  
  • Hand in front and hand behind  
  • Changing angle for G3 Character in Crazy Talk Animator  
  • Replacement Animation - Changing Sprites  
  • Removing Animation from Motion Clips  
Facial Animation of Emotional Expressions
  • Set up the Face Correctly for Head Rotation  
  • Option 1 - Face Puppet - Animate Facial Emotions Quickly  
  • Option 2 - Face Key Editor - Advanced Facial Animation  
  • Auto Lip-Sync  
  • Adjusting Lip Sync  
Extra Animation Tips
  • Grabbing and Throwing Objects  
  • Simple Motion Graphics using Elastic Motion  
Animate a Scene
  • Steps to animate a scene  
  • Putting Together All The Scenes  
  • Conclusion  
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