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Direct and Produce Animation

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About this Course

Make your ideas come true by knowing how people can help.

You are reading this because you either have an idea for a short film or full-length animation project for yourself, or…

Because you are just curious and wanted to know what was all that hype of “Direct and Produce Animation”. Well, give me a couple of seconds to see if I can get you more curious.

Everyone has ideas. Right? Well, that's the good part. The bad part is that most of those ideas live only inside the mind of the holder. Never making it to born into reality.

Why? Because people prefer to scratch their heads or their bellies because it feels good.

Think about it, most don't know that they can produce them without sitting on a computer or knowing anything about animation. Yes. That's a fact. There are successful producers running big studios who don't know how to draw or animate and yet, they materialize ideas because they know how the different departments work. They know how to guide people.

So, I ask you…

What does it take to get your idea realized? To have it come true? And how can you do it in less time?

Animation is a very long process that can be shortened if you know a little weird secret:

People want to help.

But the big question is: Do you know how they can help?

What If one of your friends, loves to work with sound and likes your project? How can he help?

And artists? Or photographers? I bet you know a photographer, and until now, you didn't know a photographer could help with animation. How? Well, by applying composition principles of photography to your shots and a bunch of cinematography concepts. That photographer can make your animation look awesome.

When you have an idea for a project and you know how to animate, you can do what most people do.


I don't know if it's to show off all their abilities and say: I did it all by myself! Or if they just didn't know that people around them wanted to help, but neither any of them knew it could be done faster.

Imagine you have this idea for a story, or even a quick joke or gag that you want to transform into animation, into a living and breathing thing that could go viral on the internet.

You say to yourself: “Hey, this joke could be an awesome 30 second short film and could make many people laugh”. Ha! Making people laugh is one of the most generous things anyone can do for someone else. But we are not talking about comedy, we are talking about that idea of the joke and the possibility of creating an animation out of it.

If you don't know how to use a computer or don't know how to walk and talk, you will definitely think deep inside you: “Oh man… I wish I could walk and talk so I could learn how to use a computer to then make this animation”.

Well, good news, I bet you can use a computer and can walk and talk (or at least you know how to communicate.)

Knowing how to communicate and how each department works in an animation feature film production, is what can make this Idea a reality.

Or maybe you just read all that and said: Hey… Mr. Bald (because I'm bald… AND I'M LOVING IT!), I'm an animator, stop preaching on what I can or can't do”.

Well, then I have something to tell you…

Being an animator

Knowing how to direct and produce your projects

And how to find and work with people who is waiting for a chance to help…

Can make your life easier. You could cut in half the time it takes to finish on your own.

And not only that… but you also get THE BEST VERSION OF YOUR STORY.

And that, my friend… it's priceless.

You: “Hey, we are not friends, ok?” Me: “Of course we are, we just don't know each other”

So anyway, knowing how to direct and produce can make any idea come true. And the cool part is, you don't even need to know how to draw or animate. How cool is that!

Enroll today and start making your ideas a reality in half the time.

Check the free lessons so you can have a taste of it. If you like it, enroll, and if you don't like it after you enroll.

Hey. Chill out. $H^% happens. Just kidding! You can have your money back with no questions asked!

You have 30 days to decide. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now!

Or… check the free lessons NOW!

Or don't do anything… NOW!

Whatever you feel like doing… DO IT NOW!

(I'm crossing my fingers to have you as my new student… thinking “C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon….”)

Whatever you decide… I hope you have a nice day. Cheers!

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone with an idea considering it to make it a reality into animation
  • This is not for: Aliens from another planet, only humans allowed. I mean, please
Basic knowledge
  • You need to know the basic communication skill (Read and Talk, in English)
  • Before taking the course, have an idea of a joke or story that you want to turn into animation
What you will learn
  • Direct and Produce animation with no drawing or animating skills
  • Cut in half the time it takes to do an animation
  • Guide people to follow your vision
Number of Lectures: 67
Total Duration: 02:45:59
Introduction to Directing and Producing
  • Introduction  
  • Link to DUET EARTH and OUT OF SIGHT  
The Story
  • Importance of the Story  
  • Elements of a Good Story  
  • Link to Michael Arnt - Toy Story  
  • Text Books Suggestion  
  • PDF of The Story  
The Script
  • The Script - How to develop Characters  
  • Taking Your Characters to the Next Level  
  • Developing a Plot and Creating an Outline  
  • Script Format  
  • Adobe Story Tutorial  
  • Export From Adobe Story to TXT or WORD  
  • How To Write A Script That Doesn't Suck  
  • PDF of The Script  
Concept Art
  • Introduction to Concept Art  
  • Cartoon Styles  
  • Experimenting with Shapes  
  • Concept Art for a Villain  
  • PDF of Concept Art  
Casting Voice Talent
  • Casting  
  • Prepare for a Casting  
  • Casting the Voice Talent  
  • What to Look For in Casting  
  • PDF of Casting Voice Talent  
Sound Recording
  • Recording Sound  
  • Acoustics  
  • PDF of Sound Recording  
Directing Voice Actors
  • Introduction to Directing Voice Actors  
  • Improving Fake Performance  
  • Using Powerful Language for Direction  
  • Improving Line Readings  
  • PDF of Directing Voice Talent  
Sound Post Production
  • Understanding Sound Editing  
  • Sound Design Before and After  
  • Understanding Sound Mixing  
  • Audio Mastering - Before and After  
  • Music - The Other Character  
  • Dubbing  
  • PDF of Audio Post Production  
Directing Music
  • Elements of Music Every Director Must Know  
  • Directing Music Using References  
  • Where to Get Music  
  • Resources to Get Music From  
  • PDF of Music In Depth  
  • Introduction to Cinematography  
  • Visual Storytelling and Concepts  
  • Link to Animation RED and The Descendants  
  • PDF of Cinematography  
Storyboard and Animatic
  • Storyboard  
  • Analysing the Script for Storyboarding  
  • Doing the Storyboard for a Scene  
  • Finished Storyboard for the 1st Page  
  • Getting The Best From You Animatic  
  • PDF of Storyboard and Animatic  
The Breakdown
  • The Breakdown  
  • Example of Breakdown  
  • PDF of The Breakdwon  
  • Frame by Frame vs Rigged Characters  
  • The Animation  
  • PDF of Animation  
Finishing Your Project
  • Editing  
  • Screening and Feedback  
  • Handling Changes  
  • PDF of Finishing Your Project  
  • Staying Motivated  
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