Course: Engage Your Audience with Animated Presentations in After Effects

Engage Your Audience with Animated Presentations in After Effects

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About this Course

If you are worried about your audience, and want them to have a good time when they see your animated presentations, then this course might get your interest.

The problem I see in a lot of training online, is that they only use a simple PowerPoint presentation, and that it’s pretty boring to watch.

So, what if you offered that same information, but in a more entertaining way?

Well, you would get more customers, more viewers, more students, and that could mean, more money.

Hey, people go to where the fun is. Right? It's the Law of Human Nature.

It’s true, delivering an amazing product can take you some time, but, if you are willing to do it, you will be able to offer the same information everybody is giving, but they will choose you because of the way you present it.

Sounds nice?

And because I know, for experience, that time is of the essence, I decided to include some lessons explaining my personal workflow to get things done more efficiently and faster, maintaining great quality.

That is, by producing a lot of videos at the same time, using a process called ASSEMBLY LINE.


So enroll today!

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to create Dynamic and Engaging Presentations
  • Learn how to Create and Animate Texts and Images in the popular Visual Effects software Adobe After Effects
  • Have access to the Project Files so you can follow along
  • Access to 2 very powerful and useful plug ins FOR FREE

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What is the target audience?

  • People Interested in engaging their audience with dynamic presentations
  • People interested in improving the User experience in their Videos
Basic knowledge
  • This course is for Beginners, you don't need anything, except... a computer, and electricity to turn it on.
What you will learn
  • Create Dynamic Videos in After Effects (For your YouTube Channel, Course or Explainer Videos)
Number of Lectures: 58
Total Duration: 03:39:40
  • Introduction  
  • Engagement  
  • Efficiency  
  • Using Excel for Production and Planning  
The Project
  • Our Goal  
  • Getting the Project Files  
  • Getting After Effects  
  • Getting Ease and Wizz  
  • Getting Animation Composer  
  • Importance of the Breakdown  
  • Breaking down a Script  
  • Different Tags in a Breakdown  
  • Making a List  
  • Organizing the Breakdown in Excel  
  • Creating a Table with Categories in Excel  
  • Preparing the Breakdown for Production  
  • How to use the Breakdown for Production  
  • Outsourcing  
  • Getting all the Images  
  • Awesome Images, Illustrations, icons and Designs for FREE  
  • Pipeline  
  • Research for Color Palette  
  • Create a New Comp  
  • Creating Color Palette  
  • Importing the Audio and Following Pipeline  
Animating the Intro
  • Downloading FREE Franchise Animography  
  • Creating the Intros  
  • Preparing the Color for Franchise Animated  
  • Animating the Text for the Introductions  
  • Animating the Logo for the Intro Screen  
  • Completing the Introduction Screen  
  • Rendering the introductions  
Preparing the Animation
  • Creating a Master Composition  
  • Adding the Ending Screen  
  • Finishing the Ending Screen  
  • Using Animation Composer to Finish Master Comp  
  • Creating All Comps for the Lessons  
  • Durations and Audios for all Comps  
  • Customizing the Intros  
  • Customizing the Outros  
  • Adding Markers  
Setting Every Screen
  • Creating the First Screen  
  • Adding Images to the Animation  
  • Moving Objects Around in Groups  
  • Changing Source Text  
  • Ease and Wizz Explanation  
  • Ease and Wizz and Animation Composer Hate Each Other  
  • Moving Layers with Null Objects  
  • Customizing Text Size and Color in a Line  
  • Telling a Story with Illustrations  
  • Adding Dialogue Bubbles  
  • Setting up Text Screens Quickly  
  • Important points about setting the screens  
Animating the Explainer Video and Rendering
  • Animate Screens with Animation Composer  
  • Prepare Renders  
  • Render and Revisions  
  • Closing Thoughts  
  • Course Transcript PDF  
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