Course: Rigging for characters in Maya

Rigging for characters in Maya

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About this Course

A great course where you will learn to create a very complete rig, both facial and body excellent to be animated later, we will start from scratch having the character ready to get the final complete rig, we will create the bones (joints) and name them appropriately to duplicate them to the other side automatically, we will create the IK handles to give movement in hands and feet, we will create the controls for each part of the body, we will configure the switch from IK to FK for the arms, in this way our character will be able to emulate any movement of the hand, later we will create the facial controls, as well as the jaw bone to have an easy-to-use facial rig, we will configure the eyes, the overall control and the mouth of the character.

Finally we will create the facial gestures, we will configure the rig of the fingers and weigh the character to achieve excellent deformations almost automatically and without using plugins.

No doubt the ideal course for you if you are interested in learning to create complete and functional rigs for the animation of 3D characters.

At the end of the course you will be able to create a complete and functional rig for your own characters and thus move to the animation stage.

Basic knowledge
  • You do not need any prior knowledge, because the course is step by step and from scratch
  • Autodesk Maya 2016, 2017 or 2018 installed
What you will learn
  • At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own complete rigs for animation
  • Create custom controls
  • Add both IK and FK modes
  • Achieve excellent deformations almost automatically without using plug ins
  • Use Autodesk Maya for Rigging
  • Create facial and body rig
  • Master the complete rig that a character requires to be animated
Number of Lectures: 49
Total Duration: 08:32:43
Rigging for characters in Maya
  • 0.- Objective  
  • 1.- General explanation  
  • 2.- Creating the joints  
  • 3.- Finalizing the joints  
  • 4.- Adding the jaw joint  
  • 5.- Creating the base controllers  
  • 6.- Configuring the foot rig  
  • 7.- Finalizing the left foot rig  
  • 8.- Configuring the right foot  
  • 9.- Creating the arms controllers  
  • 10.- Creating the fingers controllers  
  • 11.- Configuring the IK rig of the arm  
  • 12.- Configuring the right arm  
  • 13.- Configuring the FK mode in the arms  
  • 14.- Automatizing FK mode  
  • 15.- Automatizing the right arm  
  • 16.- Adding the FK IK switch  
  • 17.- Finalizing the mode FK IK configuration  
  • 18.- Finalizing the mode FK IK in the right arm  
  • 19.- Creating the remaining controllers  
  • 20.- Configuring the remaining corporal rig  
  • 21.- Configuring the global control  
  • 22.- Configuring the fingers rig  
  • 23.- Connecting rotations with attributes  
  • 24.- Finalizing the fingers rig  
  • 25.- Generating the blend shapes node  
  • 26.- Weighting the character-s foot  
  • 27.- Weighting the leg  
  • 28.- Weighting the head and torso  
  • 29.- Weighting the arm  
  • 30.- Weighting the fingers  
  • 31.- Weighting the jaw  
  • 32.- Mirroring the weighting  
  • 33.- Applying delta mush  
  • 34.- Optimizing deformations  
  • 35.- Creating the gestures  
  • 36.- Generating blend shapes automatically  
  • 37.- Connecting the new blend shapes  
  • 38.- Generating the eyebrows gestures  
  • 39.- Connecting the new blend shapes  
  • 40.- Naming the blend shapes properly  
  • 41.- Optimizing facial gestures  
  • 42.- Creating and configuring the eyebrows controllers  
  • 43.- Configuring the eyelids rig  
  • 44.- Creating the lips clusters  
  • 45.- Creating the remaining clusters  
  • 46.- Duplicating clusters automatically  
  • 47.- Creating the remaining facial controllers  
  • 48.- Simplifying and optimizing our rig  
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