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Stop Motion Essentials

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About this Course

Complete guide on creating Stop Motion Animation from scratch in a budget; covering from software to hardware to more.

A to Z of Stop motion essentials. Includes every detail and training on a variety of stop motion animations apart from in depth knowledge about any equipment or software involved in its execution. With special stress on how to do it on a budget.

STOP MOTION ANIMATION is either perceived to be too easy by some, until they try a hand at it, or too difficult, until they try a hand at it. The art of Stop Motion animation is neither too difficult nor too easy. It is just too interesting.

In this course you shall be guided on every nuance you need to know to be able to execute almost every type of Stop Motion Animation.

We shall cover every step in details, ranging from what and how a story for stop motion animation should be and how does it differ from other forms of story telling. We cover how to create an environment that finally leads to the execution of that story.

We learn every essential technology involved in the production of a stop motion animation and even discuss a few trade secrets, tips and tricks.

The language of the course is simple English, and we have not tried to come off as hard core geeks who use unfathomable words. And even if we do mention such words here and there, we always follow it with explanation and relevance.

the HIGHLIGHT OF THIS COURSE is that you not only learn how to make a great stop motion animation but also become comfortable and then confidant in VIDEO EDITING ON ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CS6 and LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY ON DSLR WITH IN DEPTH UNDERSTANDING OF MANUAL SETTINGS.

This course will make you a master in things that may open more creative doors for you in the field of media.

You could complete the course in 1 day if you wanted, but we recommend you take it slow and take at least 7 days to complete this course.

The structure of the course is like a seed that grows into a tree. Every following lecture will make more sense as you go along and seem effortlessly organic.

Stop Motion animation, if used intelligently, if really charming and amazing. But the best part about this animation is, that you don't even need to be a professional animator to be able to execute this. It will just be a shame to not know this one.

Basic knowledge
  • You will need a camera (DSLR or Point and Shoot)
  • A computer with a professional video editing software
  • A lot of creativity
What you will learn
  • You will be able to execute three different types of Stop Motion Animation and have in depth knowledge of how to become more creative and innovative with future projects of Stop Motion Animation
  • You will become fluent in professional video editing software
  • You will have in depth knowledge of a DSLR and how to use it in manual settings
Number of Lectures: 39
Total Duration: 02:45:20
Introduction to Stop Motion
  • Types of Films  

    Lets start with the basics. Get the base clear to build our knowledge of stop motion on it.

  • Types of Stop Motion  

    A brief introduction to the various types of stop motion animations out there, what they look like and what shall we be learning here in this course.

What we need
  • Gathering Essentials  

    Stop Motion Animation requires parallel gathering of a lot of materials from a lot of different departments. Here is an overview.

Fundamentals of Stop Motion
  • The Concept of Stop Motion  

    The basic mechanism, the main core of how it essentially works.

  • FPS  

    What separates Stop Motion from a Video.

Camera Lessons
  • Which camera to use?  

    A brief look on to which camera to use while shooting for Stop Motion and why.

  • To Zoom or not to Zoom  

    The creative debate over the confusion of zooming or not.

  • Focus  

    The essential understanding of Focus.

  • Shutter Speed  

    The essential understanding of Shutter Speed.

  • Aperture  

    The essential understanding of Aperture.

  • ISO  

    The essential understanding of ISO.

  • White Balance  

    The essential understanding of White Balance.

Story and Characters
  • Points to remember before writing  

    Certain essentials, we take for granted before we get in to writing for Stop Motion. A discussion on how writing for Stop Motion is different from other forms story writing.

  • Designing Pointers  

    There are a few tips and tricks, dos and dont's of designing for Stop Motion, all discussed in this lecture.

  • Sample Story  

    We create a sample story, for which we will create materials, shoot and edit in the following lectures.

Story Boarding
  • Preparing your story board  

    The importance of creating a story board and its many benefits along with a detailed description of how to create an effective story board.

Preparing for shoot
  • Preparing location and equipments  

    Where to shoot, how and with what.

  • Preparing story based objects  

    Every thing non technical that needs to be prepared for shooting your story before you shoot.

Setting up camera and lighting
  • Setting up Camera  

    Stop Motion Animation requires a specific way of setting up a camera for shooting. Here is how.

  • Setting up Lighting  

    The various tips and tricks of lighting for Stop Motion Animation.

Shooting for Stop Motion
  • How to shoot for Stop Motion Animation  

    How to shoot for Stop Motion Animation The precise art of shooting for Stop Motion Animation.

Editing Essentials
  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro  

    An introduction to our editing software.

  • Workspace  

    What is your workspace like.

  • Importing media and more  

    How to import and other essentials related to it.

  • Bin window and other tabs  

    Exploring the Bin Window.

  • Source Monitor  

    Understanding the Source Monitor.

  • Timeline  

    Understanding the Timeline.

  • Tool Box and Motion  

    Understanding our tool box and more.

  • Speed and duration  

    How to slow down, hasten and reverse a video.

  • Effect settings  

    Playing with effects.

  • Transitions  

    Understanding Transitions.

  • Essential points to remember while editing  

    Must remember pointers for editing.

  • Customizing your workspace  

    How to play around with your workspace.

  • Titles  

    Adding text to your videos.

  • Exporting media  

    Finally turning it all in to a movie.

Editing for stop motion
  • Editing for stop motion Part 1  

    How to use our editing knowledge for editing a Stop Motion Animation part 1.

  • Editing for stop motion Part 2  

    How to use our editing knowledge for editing a Stop Motion Animation part 2.

Other types of stop motion
  • Sketch Stop Motion  

    Stop Motion Animation, sketching style! DOWNLOADABLE MATERIAL: Available with this lecture is a group of source file images of the same Sketch Stop Motion Animation we just saw, for you to practice editing on.

Final Films
  • All the Final Films we have worked on  

    Lets take a look at all the films we have worked on so far.

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