Facebook Ads Professional (Urdu/Hindi)

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Facebook Ads is the most demanding skill at this time. Every business is trying to capture the power of social media especially Facebook as it is the most commonly used social media Platform.

I've done more than 300 Facebook ad campaigns so far and know all the nitty gritty of Facebook ads. In this course you'll learn Facebook ads from scratch to advance level (A-Z). You'll find the Facebook ads videos or course all over the Internet but in this course I've discussed the things from freelancing perspective. Everybody will teach you the basics or how to create the ads but nobody tells what to do if any problem arises or how to avoid from problems. I've discussed all the things that are necessary from my experience. So if you practice the things properly then I'll assure that you'll become Pro as well.

Hope you'll enjoy this course, I'll wait for your feedback.

Basic knowledge
  • You need only basic understanding of Facebook and ads system. Remaining things I'll provide you in this course

What will you learn

You'll learn many interesting things in this course. Course content will be:

1. Introduction 

  • Facebook ads
  • Ads manager
  • Business manager

2. Roles

  • Ads manager access
  • Business manager access

3. Pixel

  • Create
  • Install
  • Problem

4. Payment

  • Paypal
  • Credit card

5. Audience Insights

  • Facebook interests research tool

6. Audience Types

  • Core audience (manual audience)
  • Custom audience
  • Lookalike audience

7. Campaign Structure + Objective

8. Catalog

9. Campaign create

10. Problem while publishing

  • Unusual activity
  • Payment disable
  • content uploading

11. Tips and Tricks

12. Many more

Course Curriculum
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Rana Muzamil – December 18, 2018

This is fantastic course about facebook ads. I've done the facebook ad courses previously but not a single course discuss the problem while working on other's ad accounts. Highly Recommended if you are planing to start your career as ads professional. Thanks alot sir

Neha Sharma – December 22, 2018

This course is extremely informative with a lot of great content that really helped me to understand Facebook Ads in detail. It helped me a lot especially if you are beginning to learn about Facebook Ads. In this course from begining to end, I had a solid foundation for managing Facebook pages, ads & more. Great course & the Instructor is very humble and briefly explained and gave the solutions of problems I was facing. Definitely, recommend this course to those who want to Master Facebook Ads.

Yaser Arshad – January 18, 2019

Mariam Ijaz Butt – March 06, 2019

This course was extremely informative it helped me to improve my skill. The content is explained in detail I had a great experience. I will apply his recommendation. Thanks