Course: An introduction to SDN and NFV concepts

An introduction to SDN and NFV concepts

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About this Course

The main objective of this course is to provide you with concept-level knowledge of SDN and NFV. This foundational knowledge is best start to your SDN and NFV examinations and certifications journey.

Basic knowledge

To benefit from this course, attendees should have foundational knowledge in computer networking practices and be conversant with data networks, as well as Ethernet and IP technologies.

What you will learn

In this course you’ll get to explore:

  • General Virtualization, SDN and NFV concepts
  • Datacenter and Network Virtualisation Concepts
  • SDN Technical Aspects
  • NFV Technical Aspects
  • SDN and NFV implementations
  • Industry Standardisation and guidance bodies
  • SDN and NFV Industry Landscape
  • SDN and NFV Exams, Certifications and Careers
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:17:41
Introduction to SDN and NFV Concepts
  • Course Preview  

    This video outlines what to expect from the course

  • General SDN and NFV Concepts  
    • In this topic, we’ll explore general SDN, NFV and virtualisation concepts. These include:
    • Abstraction vs decoupling: complementary developments in networking
    • Virtualisation
    • Programmable networks and whitebox switching
    • Network slicing 
  • Datacenter and Network Virtualisation Concepts  

    Datacenters form a huge part of the SDN and NFV industry. For this reason, it is important to understand these concepts within the concepts of a Datacenter. In this topic, we’ll explore these ideas by discussing virtualisation, hypervisors, virtual machines and containers.

  • SDN Technical Aspects  

    Welcome to the third, and one of the more exciting topics of this course. In this topic we take a detailed look at the technical aspects of SDN…its architecture, components, and related protocols and technologies. Enjoy!

  • NFV Technical Aspects  

    Welcome to Section Four, the NFV Technical Aspects topic. In this topic’ we’ll compare and contrast SDN with NFV and take a look at the technical aspects of NFV in some detail.

  • SDN and NFV Implementations  

    In this short topic, we look at some common industry implementations of SDN and NFV technologies, specifically, network slicing and service chaining.

  • SDN and NFV Industry Standardisation and Guidance Bodies  

    In this topic, we take a quick look at the standardization and guidance bodies involved with SDN and NFV.

  • SDN and NFV Industry Landscape  

    Well done for coming this far. In this short topic, we explore the SDN and NFV Industry landscape by taking a look at some well-known industry names and solutions.

  • SDN and NFV Exams, Certifications and Careers  

    This is the eigth and final topic of the course where we discuss SDN and NFV related exams and certifications, and hopefully start a conversation about the impact of these technologies on networking jobs.

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