Course: AWS Essentials for Certification & on-job

AWS Essentials for Certification & on-job

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

AWS has more than 130 services at its disposal. It is not possible for everyone to learn all the services if you have not worked on it. AWS Essentials are the mandatory services which you need to learn and be very much comfortable with before working with AWS or sit for certification exams.

AWS Essential contains all the services required (mandatory) to work on AWS as AWS Admin or AWS Solutions Architect for clearing Certifications and on-job role.

Basic knowledge
  • At its bare minimum one should know what Computer and Internet is. All the other pre-requisites will be covered during the session itself
  • Unix commands used during the course labs will be taught along with explanation in the course itself
What you will learn

You will learn the AWS Services (basic and advanced) in this course in the following categories

  • Compute
  • Network
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Application Services
  • Security and Auditing etc
Number of Lectures: 136
Total Duration: 20:11:51
Cloud Computing and Architectural Introduction
  • Cloud Computing and Architectural knowhowa  

    This section will talk about the definition of Cloud Computing, its various service and deployment models. It will also introduce you to the basics of a few concepts needed to know by an Architect

  • Introduction - Cloud Computing and Virtualization  
  • Cloud Service & Deployment Models  
  • AWS Virtualization, Xen  
  • Web Servers, Web Services, APIs  
  • SLA  
  • RPO & RTO  
  • High Availability vs Fault Tolerance  
  • Latency vs Throughput  
Compute - EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Pre-EC2: Virtual Machines, EC2 definition  
  • Regions and Availability Zones  
  • AMI, Instance Types, Demo  
  • vCPU, Root Device Volume, Key Pair, Demo  
  • Elastic IP, Instance Metadata, Public Key, Demo  
  • AMI Copy, AMI Permissions, Demo  
  • ENI, Instance Tenancy, Dedicated Instance and Host  
  • Pricing, Reserved and Spot Instances, Design Patterns  
  • EC2 Summary  
Storage - EBS (Elastic Block Store)
  • Pre-EBS - File System and Storage Layer Concepts  
  • EBS concepts, Throughput & IOPS  
  • Volume Types - GP2, IO1, ST1 and SC1  
  • Demo - Volume Operations  
  • Snapshots  
  • Snapshot Demo - copy operations  
  • Encryption, Pricing, EBS Optimization, Design Patterns (RAID, DR)  
Network - VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • Pre-VPC - Basic Networking, Router, CIDR, IP address detail  
  • Pre-VPC - Subnet, Firewalls, Stateful and Stateless firewalls  
  • Subnets, Public & Private Subnets, Default VPC & Subnets, Demo  
  • Demo Continued  
  • Firewalls in AWS VPC - Security Groups and NACLs  
  • Demo: 3-tier architecture using Security Groups  
  • Demo: 3-tier architecture using NACLs  
  • Route Tables, NAT Gateway & NAT Instance  
  • NAT Demo  
  • VPC Peering - Concepts, Demo and Scenarios  
  • VPC Endpoints, VPN Connection, VPN Demo, VPC Flow Logs  
  • VPC Flow Logs Demo  
  • Pricing and Design Patterns  
  • EC2: Elastic Network Interfaces with Multiple IP addresses  
  • ENI Demo  
  • Bastion Host  
  • VPC Summary  
Network - ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)
  • Pre-ELB, Classic Load Balancer and its architecture  
  • CLB Demo 1  
  • Cross-zone load balancing, Listeners and Health Checks  
  • NACLs in Load Balancer Architecture, Complete CLB Demo  
  • Cross Zone Load Balancing Scenarios  
  • Application Load Balancer, Target Groups, Listener Rules, Demo  
  • SSL connections, Network Load Balancer, Demo  
  • High Availability using Load Balancer - Demo  
  • ELB Pricing and Design Patterns  
  • ELB Summary  
Compute - Auto Scaling
  • Pre-AS: Vertical and Horizontal Scaling, AWS Auto Sclaing, Launch Configuration  
  • Launch Template, Dynamic Scaling, Simple Scaling Policy, Cooldown Period  
  • Demo - Dynamic Scaling with Simple Scaling Policy, Desired Capacity  
  • Step Scaling, Demo  
  • Manual Scaling, Schedule Scaling - Demo  
  • Instance Termination, Pricing and Design Patterns  
  • Auto Scaling Summary  
  • Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Integration  
Network - Route53
  • Pre-Route53: How DNS works, A Name record, CNAME, Alias and Latency  
  • Route53 Terminologies, Public/Private Hosted Zone, DNS Support - Demo  
  • Simple and Faiover Routing Policies, Demo  
  • Latency Based & Geolocation Routing Policies, DNS Failover, Demo  
  • Complex Routing Demo, Route53 with ELB, Demo  
  • Complex Routing II  
  • Pricing, Design Patterns, Blue-Green Deployment  
  • Route53 Summary  
Storage - S3 (Simple Storage Service)
  • Pre-S3: Online Storage, S3 Introduction, Consistency Models, Demo  
  • Storage Hierarchy, Buckets, Transfer Acceleration, Requestor Pays, Object Keys  
  • Object Metadata, S3 Storage Class, Demo  
  • Object Versioning, Demo  
  • Lifecycle Management, Storage Class Analysis, Demo  
  • Cross Region Replication, Demo  
  • Permissions, Data Encryption, Demo  
  • Performance Optimization in S3, Server Access Logging, Demo  
  • Static Website Hosting on S3, Integration with Route53, Demo  
  • Use VPC endpoint to access S3 from EC2 instances in Private Subnets  
  • S3 Pricing and Design Patterns  
  • S3 Summary  
Storage - EFS (Elastic File Store)
  • Pre-EFS: Shared File System, EFS, Mount Target, Mount a file system  
  • EFS Demo  
  • EFS File Sync, Pricing  
Architectural Break!!!
  • How all the services, which have been discussed so far, are used together  
Security & Identity - IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • Pre-IAM: Authentication, Authoriation, Users and Groups  
  • Amazon Resource Name (ARN), IAM Hierarchy  
  • IAM Users, Groups, MFA  
  • Demo - IAM users, groups, MFA  
  • ROOT User, JSON, IAM Policies, Resource & User based policies  
  • Demo-1 - IAM Policies  
  • Demo-2 - IAM Policies - Resource Based Policies  
  • Policy Evaluation Logic, IAM Roles, Cross-account Roles  
  • Demo - IAM Roles & Cross-Account Roles  
  • EC2 Instance Profile, Demo  
  • Identity Federation - Web Id & SAML  
  • IAM Summary  
Command Line Interface
  • CLI concepts, Setup, Use users or roles with CLI - Demo  
Encryption and KMS (Key Management Service) - Basic, without Demo and Lab
  • Pre-KMS: Encryption Primer, DEK, CMK, Envelope Protection, KMS Components,  
  • Demo - KMS  
  • Integration with EBS, RDS, S3 etc. , Pricing  
Database - DynamoDB (NoSQL from AWS)
  • Pre-DynamoDB: NoSQL Introduction and its requirement in today's world  
  • DynamoDB Intro, Table Components, Primary Key, Indexes - GSI & LSI , APIs  
  • Consistency Model, Capacity Units - RCU & WCU, How to calculate RCU & WCU  
  • DynamoDB Demo  
  • DynamoDB Partitions  
  • Accessing Database, Backup & Restore, Demo  
  • DynamoDB Streams, Demo  
  • Replication using Global Tables  
  • Pricing and Design Patterns - DynamoDB  
  • DynamoDB Summary  
Database - RDS (Relational Database Service)
  • Pre-RDS - RDBMS, RDS Intro, DB instance, VPC in RDS, Multi-AZ  
  • Demo - DB Instance, Subnet Groups, Multi-AZ deployment, DB Instance modification  
  • RDS Maintenance, Upgrades, Backup & Restore - Demo  
  • Read Replica, Demo  
  • Option & Paramter Groups, Encryption, Reserved DB Instances, Events & Log Files  
  • Pricing and Design Patterns - RDS  
  • RDS Aurora Cluster, Different Endpoints, VPC in Aurora, Master User - Demo  
Notification - Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Pre-SNS: Subscriptions, SNS Topic - Demo  
  • Sending SMS messages, Design Pattens and Pricing  
Monitoring - CloudWatch
  • Pre-CW: why monitor, Architecture,Metrics,Namespaces,Dimension, Statistics  
  • CW Dashboard - Demo  
  • CloudWatch Alarms - Demo  
  • CloudWatch Logs, Log Agent  
  • CloudWatch Log Agent Demo - Send application logs to CloudWatch  
  • CloudWatch Events - Demo  
  • Pricing & Design Patterns - CloudWatch  
Auditing & Management - CloudTrail, Trusted Advisor, AWS Config
  • CloudTrail: Event History, Trails, Log Encryption - Demo  
  • Trusted Advisor- Demo  
  • AWS Config  
Migration Services
  • Migration Strategies - Green-Brown Field, The R's, Plan & Discover, Landing Zone  
  • SMS (Server Migration Service)  
  • AWS Import/Export & Snowball  
  • VM Import/Export  
Automation - Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)
  • CloudFormation - Templates, Resources, Parameters, Stacks  
  • CloudFormation Demo - Launch EC2 Instance & Parameterize it, DeletionPolicy  
  • CloudFormation Demo 2  
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