Course: Old-Time Banjo for the Absolute Beginner

Old-Time Banjo for the Absolute Beginner

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About this Course

What is Up-Picking style of playing banjo? It is a great old style of banjo playing that plays the melody of the song with the index finger, while adding a brush chord and pluck of the 5th string to the mix. It emphasizes the melody, but is also a great accomplishment to singing and an easy start to playing the banjo. It is also a great way to transition into the bluegrass/three-finger style of playing most are familiar with. No note reading or musical experience necessary! All that is needed is an excitement and willingness to learn! Let's get started!

Basic knowledge
  • You will need a 5 string banjo, a plastic or metal thumbtack and one metal finger pick
  • All that is required is a willingness to learn and have a great time doing it
  • You wil also need to be able to view and print PDF files
  • The class is geared to the Absolute Beginner! No Experience is Necessary!
What you will learn
  • An Easy to Learn Old-Time Style of Banjo Playing call Up-Picking. Quick Success, Quick Fun! No Experience Necessary!Easy and logical step by step method to learn Old-Time Up-Picking style banjo techniques and songs
  • This course is intended for folks who have always had an interest in playing the banjo but didn't know where to start. The course is designed for folks who have never played an instrument before now!Lectures include everything you need! PDF files, videos, and audio files are included to help you practice!
  • Easy and logical step by step method to learn Old-Time Up-Picking style banjo techniques and songs.This course will have you playing banjo in the shortest amount of time and and fun doing it!
  • Play several standard banjo songs that will impress your family and friends!! (But is will also put you on the course to playing all sorts of banjo songs and is a pre-requisite start to learning the 3-finger banjo style
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:12:38
Getting to Know the Banjo Basics
  • Tuning Your Banjo  

    How to tune your banjo.

  • How to Read a Chord Chart  

    How to read and understand chord charts.

  • Basic Banjo Chords  

    Learning the basic banjo chords that will get you playing quickly.

  • Reading and Understanding Tablature  

    Tablature is a quick and easy way to read music using numbers. This is a much more effective and productive way to read music as compared to the complexity of reading standard music notation.

    •This downloadable material is for Lecture 4 and 5.

  • Understanding Rhythm  

    Understanding rhythm is important so that the song that you're playing has the correct tempo.

The Style of Up-Picking Broken Down
  • The Basic Up-Picking Pattern  

    As you watch the video and practice, note that each finger you use will have its own "job", as well as keeping in mind that this pattern also has a specific rhythm pattern.

  • Using Up-Picking in a Song  

    Here we are going to use the up-picking pattern and start incorporating it into a song. The video in this lecture covers Lecture 7 and 8.

  • Boil 'Em Cabbage Down  

    The pdf listed in this lecture is for the video that is in lecture 7.

  • Jesse James  

    Here is a little more difficult song to practice your up-picking pattern with,

  • What is a Slide?  

    This is one of three techniques that are a must in banjo. Be sure you hold out the first part of the slide a little longer than the second part.

    This video and pdf is for Lecture 10 and 11.

Banjo Techniques - What Make it Have that "Banjoey" Sound
  • What is a Hammer-On and Pull-Off?  

    A couple more "tricks" that make the banjo what it is.

Adding the Techniques to a Song
  • Cripple Creek Part A and B  

    PDF and movie includes Parts A and B. No other material is needed.

  • Wildwood Flower: A New Chord CV  

    We are going to incorporate a new chord called a barre chord.

Extra Up-Picking Songs
  • I'll Fly Away Level 1  

    This version will have no slides, hammer ons or pull-offs. No video for this song, just the PDF file.

  • I'll Fly Away Level 2  

    This version includes slides, hammer ons and pull-offs. PDF file only, no video.

  • Old Joe Clark  

    Includes slides, hammer ons, and pull-offs. PDF only, no video.

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