Course: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 New Features Workshop

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 New Features Workshop

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About this Course

This Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 New Features workshop is designed to get you quickly up to speed on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. This workshop covers all of the new and enhanced features in version CS5 of Adobe’s web design software. These include the ability to disable and edit CSS properties or work with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla pages directly within the Dreamweaver interface. With this workshop and Dreamweaver CS5, you´ll find it easier than ever before to build and troubleshoot websites.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about new features in Dreamweaver CS5
Basic knowledge
  • You do not need to be familiar with or have used Dreamweaver CS5 to benefit from this course
What you will learn
  • Learn what's new in Dreamweaver CS5
  • Get up to speed quickly to determine which new features are the most important for your websites
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 00:37:16
Introduction to the Course
  • Course Introduction  
Interface Enhancements
  • The Site Setup Dialog Box  

    The Site Definition dialog box in Dreamweaver CS5 has been greatly enhanced and renamed the Site Setup dialog box. This lesson will walk you through the basic and advanced settings for this tool.

  • CSS Starter Layouts  

    Dreamweaver CS5 offers simplified CSS Starter Layouts, and this video introduces you to these updated layouts. The actual text descriptions on each page and the option to enable in-context editing make it easy to create and update your web pages.

CSS Enhancements
  • The CSS Inspect Tool  

    This video shows you how the new CSS Inspect tool makes it easy to view all of your CSS properties as the page is running live in the browser, which will speed up your workflow.

  • The New CSS Enable/Disable Feature  

    The new CSS Enable/Disable feature makes it a breeze to turn properties on or off right inside Dreamweaver. This lesson will demonstrate how you can use this tool to preview font and margin changes without having to go out to the browser.

Dynamic Development Improvements
  • Support for PHP-Based Content Management Systems  

    In this video you will see how easy it is to work with full content management systems in Dreamweaver CS5 using new features such as the Browser Navigation and Information bars and the Live View page.

  • PHP Custom Class Code Hinting and Site-Specific Code Hints  

    Dreamweaver now offers site-specific code hinting when you work with PHP. This video teaches you how to use both custom class and site-specific code hints and provides examples of syntax error notifications.

  • Enhanced Subversion Support  

    Dreamweaver CS5 now offers enhanced version control using the Subversion feature. This lesson will guide you through reverting to a previous version, committing a current version to the repository, and getting the latest version of a page.

Live Services
  • CS Live: Integration with Adobe Online Services  

    This video will familiarize you with Adobe online services such as the Browser Lab (where you can test your pages on a variety of operating systems), CS Review (which helps you collaborate on documents), and the features available on

  • Using Business Catalyst  

    This lesson will introduce you to Business Catalyst, an Adobe platform that allows you to add specialized features including web forms, forums, reports, and photo galleries to your web pages directly from within the Dreamweaver interface.

  • Adding Widgets with the Widget Browser  

    This video describes the Widget Browser, which allows you to access widgets from directly within Dreamweaver. You will learn how to add widgets to your pages and how to access new widgets at the Adobe Exchange.

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