Course: Adobe Fireworks CS5: New Features Workshop

Adobe Fireworks CS5: New Features Workshop

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Adobe Fireworks CS5: New Features Workshop course begins by teaching you the foundations of Fireworks and will quickly show you how to create vector shapes and design a logo. You will also learn to work with text, bitmaps and layers before moving onto creating interactive buttons using slices, hot spots and rollovers.

Finally, you will explore wireframing, RIA, AIR and mobile prototyping and how Fireworks allows you to design in multiple pages and even export standards compliant CSS.

Basic knowledge
  • Adobe Fireworks CS5 in order to do the exercises within the lectures
What you will learn
  • Understand how to work in Fireworks
  • Be Familiar with the CSS Export Feature within Fireworks
  • Completely convert a Fireworks web page design into an HTML and CSS web page
  • Extend the capabilities of Fireworks beyond the basic program using extensions.
  • Know the importance of properly slicing your design to create the web page
  • Be familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS on a web page
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 00:53:35
Fireworks Enhancements
  • Enhanced Performance and Stability in CS5  
  • The New File Preview Feature  
  • Using the Reworked Text Engine  
  • Easy Editing with Text History  
  • Scanning and Highlighting Text with the New Text Icon  
  • Optimizing 9-Slice Scaling for Text  
Enhanced Vector Editing
  • Creating Precise Shapes with Snap to Pixel  
  • Controlling Stroke Alignment  
  • Using the New Edit Stroke Feature  
  • Combining and Editing Shapes with Compound Shape  
  • Working with Color in Fireworks CS5  
  • Editing Gradients Precisely in Fireworks CS5  
  • Constraining and Locking Proportions  
Prebuilt Templates for Web and Mobile
  • Introduction to Templates  
  • Using Layout Grid and Wireframe Templates  
  • Using Mobile Templates  
Improved Integration
  • Round-Tripping Between Photoshop and Fireworks  
  • Integration with Adobe Device Central  
  • Exporting to FXG Format Directly from Fireworks  
  • Sharing Swatches Across the Creative Suite Line of Products  
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