Course: Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9

Building the Application Framework and Handling Errors in ColdFusion 9

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About this Course

This course focuses on looking at a ColdFusion based website from the Application level using features within ColdFusion to simplify the entire website development process. Anyone who works with ColdFusion based websites should understand the Application and Error handling frameworks within ColdFusion. Taking advantage of the Application level allows you to control events within your pages, offers better performance for your website and web pages, and gives you complete control of error-handling within a site. Additional topics include speeding up your ColdFusion performance using Query caching, and looking at your server performance using the Server Monitor.

A ColdFusion Application and Error Handling Framework will be built throughout the course. All exercises are task-based, with ColdFusion concepts explained along the way. Take advantage of everything that ColdFusion can offer by becoming familiar with these frameworks built into ColdFusion.

Basic knowledge
  • User has created static web sites and wishes to learn to create dynamic websites. This is an Intermediate level course for users who have worked with static websites and understand basic ColdFusion tags and functions
What you will learn
  • The focus audience is web designers wishing to learn and understand how to develop dynamic database-driven websites using ColdFusion. Anyone looking to expand their skills beyond static websites into dynamic sites using a server-side language is an appropriate audience for this course. Users should have worked with ColdFusion and be familiar with basic tags and functions within ColdFusion
Number of Lectures: 40
Total Duration: 04:44:21
  • Course Overview  
  • Course Environment  
The Dynamic Environment
  • Static vs. Dynamic Requests  
  • The ColdFusion Install  
  • Modifying Administrator Settings  
  • Installing the Course Files  
  • Installing ColdFusion Builder  
  • Project Setup  
  • Installing the Database, Part 1  
  • Installing the Database, Part 2  
Application Planning
  • Higher-Scope Variables  
  • Application Level  
  • Defining Site-Wide Needs  
The Application Framework
  • Creating the Application Framework  
  • Previous Versions of ColdFusion  
  • CFC Placement  
  • CFC Basics  
Using the Application Framework
  • Planning Method Code  
  • Adding Application Methods  
  • Adding Request Methods  
  • The onRequest() Method  
  • Session Methods  
  • Other Methods Available  
Error Handling
  • Planning for Errors  
  • Error Handling Levels  
  • Error Examples  
Setting Up the Error Handling Framework
  • Building a Site-Wide Error Handler  
  • Creating Error Templates  
  • The <cferror> Tag  
  • Error Structures  
  • The onError() Method, Part 1  
  • The onError() Method, Part 2  
  • The onMissingTemplate() Method, Part 1  
  • The onMissingTemplate() Method, Part 2  
  • The <cftry> and <cfcatch> Tags  
  • The <cfthrow> Tag  
Race Conditions and Locking
  • Avoiding Race Conditions  
  • The <cflock> Tag  
  • Lock Attributes  
  • Locking Recommendations  
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