Course: Design a Modern Poster using Photoshop

Design a Modern Poster using Photoshop

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About this Course

On this class you will learn to Design a modern Poster using Photoshop. Lately, abstract posters with geometric shapes and colorful gradients are in trend and I have been experimenting with it a lot, lately.

I see it more like a poster Art, where you can experiment with the tools to create something unique, artistic and trendy.

The Statue is an element that we are going to use as a photo reference, so you will learn more about the color adjustments, contrast and composition.

So it is a fun project to learn Photoshop by creating a trendy poster art.

Basic knowledge
  • You will need only Photoshop to enroll in this course. I will explain you everything else with step by step instruction. So don't worry if you are a beginner in Photoshop
What you will learn

What do you need to create the artwork:

  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • This is a fun project for you to learn more Photoshop tools by experimenting, so you can create a modern, trendy Poster art
  • You will have the possibility to play around with the tools and get some unique results
  • You can apply that technique on different projects or client works that you may have, like posters, backgrounds, wallpapers, cover artworks or whatever you like
  • Also this project will help you to develop you unique style in graphic design and especially in poster design
  • Please share your project too, I would love to see it
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 00:29:35
Finding Resources
  • Resources  
  • Create Background  
Abstract Shapes
  • Abstract Shapes  
  • Add Statue  
Text and Triangles
  • Text and Triangles  
Small Elements
  • Small Elements  
  • Finalizing  
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