Course: Photoshop Essentials

Photoshop Essentials

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

This course is for Photoshop beginners. It will start from very basics and will go up to the level where you can handle all kinds of projects with clear understanding of work environment, tools, resolution, color modes, layers and other essential concepts.

After doing this course you need not to do any other course of this level. 

This course will take you up to that level after which you can easily work in Photoshop and can use all online available free training resources to further enhance your skills in Photoshop. You can also contact us for your questions while doing this course.

Basic knowledge
  • Before starting this course :
  • You should be able to use computer at basic level
  • You have Photoshop installed any version from CS to CC
What you will learn
  • Students will be able to work on any kind of projects in Photoshop either for web or print
  • Students will be able to design for personal and commercial design projects
Number of Lectures: 43
Total Duration: 03:43:24
Photoshop Essentials
  • What is Photoshop?  
  • Design elements  
  • 4th element of design is size  
  • Photoshop Interface  
  • How to open multiple files  
  • How to create new work space  
  • What is resolution & color mode?  
  • Tool bar defined  
  • Sub tools in tool bar  
  • Layers palette  
  • Stacking order in layers palette  
  • Selection tools  
  • Start learning the 2nd group  
  • Hand & zoom tool  
  • Brush tool  
  • Healing & Patch tools  
  • Clone stamp tool  
  • History brush tool  
  • Eraser tools  
  • All remaining tools of group 2  
  • What vector graphics are?  
  • Text tool  
  • Applying layer styles on text  
  • Vector shapes tools  
  • Custom shape tool  
  • What is path?  
  • Color picker  
  • Filters  
  • Image retouching project-1  
  • Image retouching project-2  
  • Image retouching project-3  
  • How to save file  
  • Color formats & resolution  
  • What we understood by now?  
  • Stacking order of layers defined again  
  • Layer styles on text and images  
  • Start working on projects  
  • Creating work space revision  
  • Example business card work space  
  • Business card layout  
  • Black color explained  
  • Alignment options  
  • End  
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