Course: Affiliate Marketing - Rollout Strategy Development

Affiliate Marketing - Rollout Strategy Development

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About this Course

Did you know that with very little to no investment required, you can be making an income from the Internet as an Affiliate Marketer. Are you interested in learning how? This course gives you a great start to building a new monthly income stream for yourself. Through this course, you will learn:

  • How and where to start making money almost immediately selling 3rd party products
  • Ways you can use Amazon to earn revenue for yourself as an affiliate
  • My recommended top 10 Affiliate Marketing bulletin board sites where you can find quality products to promote and earn income
  • How to sell your services online through affiliate sites where others help you find consulting engagements
  • How you can put your own teams together to propose on and complete projects that you can take an overriding commission on for every hour your teams work
  • How to build your own online affiliate programs so other people are selling your products
  • Why you have made an income on day one just by starting a home business

I personally have been making my own income as a consultant and an online entrepreneur since before the year 2000. Except for a short period since the late 90’s, I have not worked as an employee for anyone - all of my income has come from my own entrepreneurial efforts. I have a lot of knowledge in Internet marketing in general and affiliate marketing online and I am looking forward to beginning to share it with you through this course - so come join me. Let me help you get started.

See you on the inside! - Dan

Basic knowledge
  • All that is required is a desire to earn an extra income online
What you will learn
  • Through this course, you will learn how to select and implement Affiliate Marketing strategies for your new online business
  • You will also gain an understanding as to what it takes to build an affiliate marketing program for one's own products and services should you desire to take the path of building your own affiliate base
Number of Lectures: 10
Total Duration: 00:43:31
Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Introduction to the Course  

    Introduction to the course. Learn about Affiliate Marketing - Both as a marketer of 3rd party products and also as a vendor, setting up your own affiliate base.

  • Affiliate Marketing - A Good Idea  

    A common way to earn additional revenues used by most successful online business people is the incorporation of affiliate marketing links and banners on their websites and blog sites. Watch this video to learn more about how this is done and why it can be a good online revenue source for your at-home business.

  • Amazon Affiliate Revenue Generating Tip  

    This short video contains a tip that will, with very little effort on your part, start earning you additional income from your online business - so be sure to check it out.

  • Affiliate Marketing - How Should I Start?  

    Here is my tip for where to start out when you want to become involved in Affiliate Marketing.

  • Amazon Book Promotion Overview  

    This lecture discusses the ways Amazon assists you in promoting your book online and the types of promotions you can run on their system to help promote your books - from paid promotions through to FREE promotions.

  • My Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Bulletin Board Sites  

    This lecture provides the viewer with my top 10 list of "Affiliate Marketing Bulletin Board" websites/partners. I also briefly discuss why each has made my top 10 list.

  • Earning Affiliate and Pay for Services Money - Starting Out Online  

    This lecture provides the student with ideas that may be useful when just starting out. Not all are passive income ideas, but the opportunities listed in this video can lead to some quick revenues to help keep the business afloat in the early days.

  • Affiliate Marketing - Rollout Strategy Development  

    This "Affiliate Marketing" strategy lecture provides ideas on selling 3rd party products and also lays out what you need to do to build your own affiliate sales network for your own products.

  • Freelancer - A Good "Affiliate Bulletin Board" to Sell Your Services  

    A site worth looking at if you are looking for help in your business or if you want to find project work to earn some revenue from home is called Millions of people visit this site on a regular basis. This site puts together people providing services and people buying services. Freelancer can net you projects in the hundreds to thousands of dollars range. So if you are looking to spend amounts of time on 3rd party projects for more pay, this is one place you would want to go.

    By the way, this site can also help you find resources for projects you need to complete in your business that you either don’t have the skills or the time to complete yourself. So keep Freelancer in mind from both directions as you start to grow your business.

  • Gaming Product Affiliate Marketing  

    A sub culture in the world of affiliate marketing is the online gaming industry. Here you can not only get revenue from developed games - both purchased and as they are being played; but also as a gamer yourself, earning revenues from product vendors as you actually play games on such channels as Twitch.TV, owned by Amazon. Watch this video to learn more.

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2 weeks before
Good quick overview for someone who wants to dip their toes in affiliate marketing, you can do the whole thing in an afternoon if you want, very practical advice!