Course: Social Media Gaming as an Affiliate Marketing Business

Social Media Gaming as an Affiliate Marketing Business

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About this Course

This course is designed to build awareness and knowledge to those individuals with an interest in earning incomes from the online gaming industry.

Within this course, the student will learn:

  • How to find products to represent as an affiliate marketer
  • How to upload a new game to the Facebook Game Room
  • How Twitch works for those interested in streaming games and earning revenues while playing games on this platform

About some companies that target gaming video streamers to help them promote their products

Some tips on advertising games you are promoting online.

So join me in this course and increase your knowledge of the online gaming industry as it can be viewed as an entrepreneur.

See you on the inside.

Best wishes,

Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator

Basic knowledge
  • Some experience marketing products online would be useful
  • No tools required to take the course - this is an overview, informational course only
What you will learn

Through this course, you will learn:

  • About places you can go to to find gaming products to promote
  • You will gain an understanding of a number of ways in which you can earn incomes from the online gaming industry
Number of Lectures: 8
Total Duration: 00:40:55
Introduction and Course Lectures
  • The Social Media Gaming industry - An Introduction  

    This course is designed to help you understand ways you can become involved in the interesting world of online gaming/gamesmanship as a sales affiliate to earn income for yourself or your related business entity.

  • Gaming Affiliate Marketing Network Bulletin Boards  

    Looking for a new third party game to promote online? Then be sure to watch this video. Here you will learn about some of the largest "Gaming" bulletin boards on the Internet - places you can go to if you want to find games to promote in your country of residence and others and the profit models offered by the game owners for new customers that you bring to them.

  • My Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Bulletin Board Sites  

    This video describes some of the world's largest affiliate marketing bulletin boards. Here you can find not only games to promote but other products as well - products that are ancillary to the games themselves such as headphones, controllers, joy sticks and more.

  • Gaming Products Affiliate Programs  

    This video introduces the viewer to a number of product vendors that target gamers and game streamers to promote their products. Far from being a complete list which would be huge, this video at least helps the viewer become aware of the types of products and deals that can be struck to earn incomes from.

  • Monetizing Your Developed Games on Facebook  

    Watch this video to learn how you can monetize games and earn incomes on your games from Facebook which contains over 10,000,000 gaming followers online!

  • Adding a Game to the Facebook Game Room  

    If you built a game and want to see it appear in the Facebook Game Room for others to play, then watch this video to learn how to get your game loaded to this platform.

  • What Is Twitch TV - An Introduction  

    Learn about Twitch - a gamer's platform for streaming games they are playing that allows them to earn incomes from followers and people watching them play their games. This video provides the viewer with insights as to how this whole environment works.

  • Building Brand Awareness on Pinterest  

    Pinterest is a very good social media platform online that you can utilize to advertise your games. Not as large as Facebook and the use of Facebook Business Pages, but you can gain a lot of exposure here for the games you are promoting. Watch this video to learn how you can make your Pinterest Game ads stand out from others through the use of Rich Pins and other Pinterest advertising techniques.

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