Course: Scrum Ceremonies

Scrum Ceremonies

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About this Course

Understand the details of Scrum Ceremony

Basic knowledge
  • Fundamental of software development life cycle
What you will learn
  • Scrum Ceremonies at Team Level
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 03:23:15
Scrum Ceremonies
  • Capacity Planning  

    Learn about

    •What is Product Capacity Planning?

    •How to do Capacity Planning (in Hours)

    •Step by Step

    •When we should do Capacity Planning?

    •Benefits of Capacity Planning

  • Sprint Planning  


    •What is Sprint Planning?

    •Who Should Participate in Sprint Planning Meeting(in Hours)

    •Prerequisite of effective Sprint Planning Meeting.

    •How much time should Sprint Planning Meeting take

    •Step by step walk through of Sprint Planning Meeting

    •Expected deliverable of Sprint Planning Meeting

    •Summary report of Sprint Planning

    •Benefits of Sprint Planning Meeting

  • Daily Stand up  

    Learn about

    1. What is Scrum Call
    2. Basic Rules of Scrum Call
    3. Good Practices of Daily Scrum Call
    4. Avoidable During Daily Scrum Call 
    5. Participants of Daily Scrum Call
    6. Scrum Roles Responsibility at Daily Scrum Call
    7. Purpose of Daily Scrum Call
    8. Why Standing Up
    9. Daily Scrum Call approach For Collocated and Distributed Team
    10. Outcome of Daily Scrum Call

  • Product Backlog Refinement or Grooming  

    Learn about

    1. •Definition of Ready
    2. •Well Maintained PB
    3. •Prioritization
    4. •Splitting big stories into smaller stories
    5. •Story State
    6. •3C
    7. •Backlog Health and its Measurement and metrics
    8. •Acceptance Criteria
    9. •Backlog Refinements
    10. •Story Points Estimation
    11. •INVEST
    12. •Requirements
    13. •Vertical Slicing
    14. DEEP
  • Sprint Retrospective  

    Learn about

    What is Sprint Retrospective Meeting

    Participants of Sprint Retrospective

    Duration of Sprint Retrospective

    How to conduct Sprint Retrospective

    Sprint Retrospective Tools

    Benefits of Sprint Retrospective

    Post Sprint Retrospective activities

    Important Notes

  • Sprint Review  

    Learn about

    1. What is Sprint Review Meeting
    2. Participants of Sprint Review Meeting
    3. Time Box Sprint Review Meeting
    4. How Sprint Review Meeting Works
    5. Potential Outcome of Sprint Review Meeting
    6. Post Sprint Review Meeting Activity

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