Course: American Sign Language Level 1

American Sign Language Level 1

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About this Course

Learn from the Best!...with Learn Sign Language - ASL we have enlisted a well known Deaf presenter Judy Vardon

She has been Deaf since the age of two. She became famous in the Deaf community when she and her family appeared on America's Extreme Home Makeover show in 2004.

She graduated from Lahser High School and is the mother of two sons. She lives with her family in Oak Park, Michigan.

Basic knowledge
  • This is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning American Sign Language and there is no prior knowledge needed
  • This could be because you have Deaf members of the family, have Deaf or Hearing Impaired colleagues and you want to have a signed conversation with them
  • You could also be looking to enhance your skills and use this new language as a tool to help you in your career or help you in your existing job
What you will learn

Throughout the course you will be taught via online videos that have both voice over and subtitles to just pure ASL on it's own.

This is to increase your receptive and productive skills when conversing with a Deaf person or someone who uses ASL.

There are also PDF documents to download so you can track the scripts and keep tabs on your progress.

The topics that will be covered are the following :-

  • Alphabet,
  • Spelling & Names,
  • Introductions,
  • Family & Rooms in the House,
  • Animals,
  • Numbers,
  • Money & Time,
  • Time & Weather,
  • Transport & Directions,
  • Interests & Hobbies,
  • Food & Drink.
Number of Lectures: 51
Total Duration: 01:59:20
Learn the basics of signing the alphabet, fingerspelling and names in ASL
  • The Alphabet .....with text  

    This first video shows you how to sign the alphabet using ASL.

    With text first.

  • The Alphabet .....without text  

    Now try the alphabet without text

  • Letter test.....without text  

    See if you can understand these letters in ASL?

  • Letter test....WITH text  

    See if you were right?

  • Fingerspelling names...without text  

    Now try to understand these fingerspelt names.....without text!

  • Fingerspelling names....WITH text  

    Were you right?

    Here they are again but this time WITH text

  • More names!  

    Now try these names yourself.

  • More names! .....WITH text  

    Were you right?

Introductions, Family, and Rooms in the house
  • Introductions  

    Learn the basics of introductions in American Sign Language

  • Phrase Test  

    Let's put these into phrases

  • Family vocabulary  

    Let's learn some ASL to help you describe family

  • Questions Forms  

    How to ask questions in ASL?

  • Short story......without text  

    Let's put this new knowledge to the test in a short story.

    Try this without text.

  • Short story recap - with text  

    Now let's see it again, but this time with text.

    Were you right?

  • Rooms in the house - vocabulary  

    Let's learn some vocabulary for rooms in the house.

  • Animals vocabulary  

    Let's learn some basic animal vocabulary

  • Animals phrase test 1 ......without text  

    Let's test your new learning.

  • Animal phrase test 1 ...answers  

    Were you right?

  • Animal phrase test 2 ......without text  

    Here is some more.

    Let's test your knowledge

  • Animal phrase test 2....answers!  

    Were you right?

Numbers, Money and Time
  • Numbers 1 - 20  

    Let's learn some basic numbers

  • Number test and extra numbers  

    Let's try a little test and some extra numbers

  • Number test 2  

    Let's try these numbers.

  • Money signs  

    Let's learn about money

  • Time and Months  

    Now to learn about Time and Months

  • Mixed Number Test 1  

    Let's test your knowledge of different numbers now.

  • Mixed number test 2  

    Now for some more!

  • Mixed Number Test 3  

    Have a go at these ones.

  • Using Numbers for Duplication  

    Let's show you how to use numbers for "duplication"

Practice Time and Weather
  • Story receptive practice.....without text  

    Let's put this knowledge into practice and test your receptive skills.

  • Story receptive practice replay .with text  

    Here it is again BUT with text.

    Were you right?

  • Weather vocabulary  

    Let's learn about the weather!

  • Weather phrase test ...without text  

    Let's put these Weather signs into small phrases.

  • Weather phrase test replay ...with text  

    Here it is again, but this time WITH text.

    Were you right?

  • Extra story receptive practice.....without text  

    Let's try these signs in a story

    Write down what you see.

  • Extra story receptive practice replay... .with text  

    Here it is again.

    Were you right?

Transport and Directions
  • Transport Vocabulary  

    Let's now learn from "transport" vocabulary.

  • Transport phrases  

    Let's put these into phrases now.

  • Direction vocabulary  

    Let's learn some vocabulary about directions.

  • Direction phrases 1  

    Let's put this new knowledge into some phrases.

  • Direction phrases 2  

    Here are some more!

  • Direction phrases 3  

    And the last set!

  • Getting around phrases..without text  

    Some phrases on "getting around" without text.

    Let's test your knowledge.

  • Getting around phrases replay ..with text  

    Here they are again but WITH text.

    Were you right?

Interests and Hobbies
  • Interests and Hobbies Vocabulary  

    Let's learn some new vocabulary for interests and hobbies

  • Phrase test...without text  

    Let's test what you have learnt.

    Write down what you see.

  • Phrase test replay ...with text  

    Were you right?

Food and Drink
  • Food and Drink Vocabulary  

    Now time to learn some "food and drink" vocabulary

  • Food and Drink Vocabulary Test  

    Let's test what you know so far.

  • Food and drink phrase test....without text  

    Let's take a look at these phrases.

    Write down what you see.

  • Food and drink phrase test replay ....with text  

    Now let's relay it again but WITH text.

    Were you right?

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