Course: Arabic Language Alphabets

Arabic Language Alphabets

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About this Course

This course explains every thing about Arabic language alphabet, reading and pronouncing, you will read more about 800 word with me, because I recorded videos for my face and put it in all lessons to see how can I pronounce the words and imitate me. and there is exercises also at the end of the lesson, and extra reading files from lesson 6 to lesson 17. in the end there is translation for the sentences and idioms, but it stops from lesson 10 to get used to listen Arabic language.

Basic knowledge
  • You don't have to get any old information; because i will begin with you from zero
What you will learn
  • Reading And writing Arabic Alphabet, Arabic letters pronouncing and some familiar idioms and sentences
Number of Lectures: 18
Total Duration: 01:11:56
  • Arabic letters names  

    You will learn Arabic letters names and shapes and pronouncing

Reading letters and words whith pronouncing
  • أ - ب - ت - ث - ج - ح - خ  
  • You will learn short vowels الفتحة - الضمة  - الكسرة  
  • د - ذ - ر - ز - س - ش  
  • ص - ض - ط - ظ - ع - غ  
  • ف - ق - ك - ل  
  • م - ن - ه - و - ي  
Reading rules and basics
  • similar letters  
  • separated letters  
  • Elongation  
  • the shapes (ت - ــة - ــه)  
  • Tanween  
  • strength  
  • sun and moon letters  
  • the shapes (ــي - ــى)  
Reading sentence's and paragraphs
  • reading two words in contently  
  • reading long sentences  
  • reading paragraphs  
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