Course: Create, Publish and Market "Photo" Coloring Books Online

Create, Publish and Market "Photo" Coloring Books Online

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About this Course

This course teaches the student how to create coloring books starting with selected photographs. Photographs are turned into color-able images using Adobe Photoshop. Once created, they are incorporated into a coloring book document and then are published onto Amazon's CreateSpace "Print on Demand" website. CreateSpace integrates with Amazon-Kindle to allow the author to sell these coloring books online. You can also use CreateSpace to market your coloring books globally through book retailers they have built connections with.

Want to get your coloring books into major book chains like Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo? This course shows you how to do that too...I also provide through this course lectures that will assist you in marketing your coloring books to others. You will learn how to promote them online including through social media platforms, how to get your books listed with physical retailers, how to find prospects online and how to interact with customers to drive towards additional sales.

So if you like taking pictures, you like creating and having fun with it and you are not adverse to making some extra income from your creativity, this could become quite a good sideline "passive income" stream for you. So come check this course out.

Best wishes, 

- Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator

Basic knowledge
  • The student should know how to use a computer and have access to a relatively recent version of Adobe Photoshop as it will be needed to complete this course
What you will learn

By taking this course, you will learn:

  • How to create publishable coloring books from photos
  • How to publish your completed coloring books on Create Space
  • How to market your books through Amazon and Ingram Spark
  • Learn how to get your books onto shelves at major retailers like Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 01:18:12
Designing and Building Your Coloring Book
  • Introduction to the Course  

    This video lecture introduces the courses and informs the student of what is possible after the techniques taught within are mastered.

  • Taking "Coloring Book" Usable Photos  

    This lecture discusses the kinds of things you want to consider when selecting photos for your coloring book. It also outlines a number of recommended strategies for taking good photographs that can be turned into coloring book pages.

  • Free Image Sources for Your Coloring Book  

    This lecture provides the user with some good sources for royalty free photos that can be used to create coloring book illustrations.

  • Creating Coloring Book Images Using Adobe Photoshop  

    Probably the key lecture for this course. In here I walk the student through the Adobe Photoshop application showing how to turn a photograph into an image usable in a coloring book. A number of tips are illustrated that will also show the student how to create additional effects such as "Fish-eye" images to make the illustrations in some instances even more fun to draw.

  • Create a Coloring Book Calendar Using Microsoft Powerpoint  

    This lecture shows you how to take the coloring book images that you have created using Adobe Photoshop to easily create a coloring book calendar of your own images that you can produce using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • Building Your Coloring Book  

    This lecture provides the student with insights, hints and tips on building the actual coloring book so it both looks professional and can be uploaded to CreateSpace for initial "Print on Demand" distribution.

Publishing Your Coloring Book
  • ISBN Strategies  

    There are several strategies you can employ to get your ISBN code, a code necessary for you to have to create a physical book. The price for this code ranges from free to around $125.00 U.S. depending on the strategy you wish to implement when publishing your book.

  • Getting Your BISAC Code for Coloring Books  

    The BISAC code is a globally recognized code asked for by publishers when publishing your book. I have researched the correct code as it relates to coloring books and it is included within this lecture.

  • Publishing Your Coloring Book on CreateSpace  

    This lecture provides you with some instruction with respect to publishing your book through CreateSpace - the "Print on Demand" subsidiary company of Amazon.

  • Publishing Your Coloring Book on Ingram Spark  

    Ingram Spark represents over 30,000 book retailers globally including Barnes and Noble and Chapters Indigo. If you wish to get your coloring book on the shelves of any of these retailers, you will be needing to publish your book through Ingram Spark to do so.

Promoting Your Coloring Book Online
  • Tips On Promoting Your Coloring Book Online  

    This lecture provides the viewer with a list of strategies that one can use to promote one's published book or E-book online. You have now written your book. This list of strategies will show you how to get the word out!

  • Getting Your Coloring Book Listed at Major Retailers  

    This lecture provides the student with a number of hints, tips and strategies you might employ to getting your book on the shelves with major retailers.

  • Using Social Media to Market Your Coloring Book  

    This lecture provides the student with a number of hints, tips and strategies you might employ to marketing your book through social media channels.

  • Using Lead Capture Points as Part of Your Business  

    Many have heard about using Lead Capture pages to obtain e-mail subscribers. This lecture goes beyond that to provide actual tips and strategies for their effective use.

  • Build Your Brand's Awareness With Pinterest  

    Pinterest is a great place to place images and videos that lead back to your content on your website and other online assets. With consistent posting and following strategies, you can build for yourself a significantly sized following relatively quickly - so be sure to watch this video to learn more.

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