Course: Home Schooling - Is it Right for Your Family?

Home Schooling - Is it Right for Your Family?

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About this Course

The decision as to whether or not to home school your children is a difficult one to make. You obviously care for the well being of your children and have concerns about public education or about a current situation you are facing to have come so far as to read this introduction. I went through this decision process with my own children years ago and we became home schoolers for a number of years for our four children. They all went through this process.

It takes courage to take this on as a family lifestyle choice and you may feel like you are jumping into a completely unknown future by taking this step.

But you are not alone on this journey. The material you will obtain through this course will help you decide and will point you to additional sites, people and organizations out there that can assist you in becoming and operating successfully as a home schooling family.

You will learn about:

  • The lifestyle and why people consider home schooling their children in the first place
  • Legal implications in your region and who can help you if you run into legal issues or government interference
  • Where to look for home schooling conferences you might wish to attend
  • E-learning and paper based curriculum to choose from
  • A brief history of home schooling and the home schooling movement; and,
  • Some famous home schooled children who have become very famous and could be seen as home schooling role models

So I encourage you to go through the lessons herein and take what you can from this course. You will by doing so, have more useful information in front of you at the end of it to help you make a more informed decision as to whether to go ahead with this journey or not.

Best wishes,

Dan Grijzenhout - Course Creator

Basic knowledge
  • Students should be parents with an interest in teaching their children at home
What you will learn
  • At the end of this course, the parent will have more knowledge upon which to make the decision as to whether or not they might try home schooling their children
  • Parents will also have learned about resources available to them to support their home schooling efforts should they proceed in this direction
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 00:33:27
An Introduction to the World of Home Schooling
  • Home Schooling - Is It Right for Your Family?  

    This lecture provides some initial insights as to what the home schooling lifestyle is like and discusses in overview what will be taught through this course.

  • A Brief History of Home Schooling  

    This lecture discusses how Canada and the USA in particular, began with a predominately home schooling world, how they moved to a public schooling world and how home schooling is now making a bit of a resurgence as being a method of educating your children.

  • Some Famous Home Schooled Children  

    Learn a bit about some very famous historical figures who obtained their educational beginnings through home schooling - including the first president of the USA. This is a fun lecture to go through - don't miss it.

  • Home Schooling, Public Schooling and Values  

    This lesson digs more deeply into home schooling in North America and reasons why people are looking at this as an alternative to the public system when educating their children.

Homeschooling Today - Useful Information to Know
  • The Cost of Home Schooling  

    During the past 30 to 40 years, home schooling children was an expensive choice for parents to make. Thanks to innovations like e-learning, costs of home schooling have come down but there are still financial challenges to face if going this educational route. This lecture discusses elements of cost you need to be thinking about when choosing home schooling as a directional strategy for your child's education.

  • Using the Home School Legal Defense Association  

    Think of the HSLDA as a possible insurance policy to your home schooling dreams and learn how, by having them in your corner, you can feel more secure moving ahead with a home schooling strategy.

  • Online and Paperbound Curriculums - The Road Ahead  

    This video lecture snapshots a number of curriculums for you to consider purchasing and lists out a number of teaching aids you will likely be purchasing as home schooling parents.

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