Course: How to draw in the SIN CITY style

How to draw in the SIN CITY style

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About this Course

In this course, you are going to learn a drawing technique to draw like Sin City comic book.

This technique is using black & white tools. No matter if you draw with pencils or with a graphic tablet, these techniques could be used for both, once understood.

Learn right now how to draw very dark characters and environments like the ones of Sin City.

Basic knowledge
  • Willing to learn new drawing techniques
  • Few basics of drawing is better
What you will learn
  • How to draw in the Sin City style
  • A new drawing technique using only black & white
Number of Lectures: 12
Total Duration: 02:04:58
  • Introduction to SIN CITY Style  
Examples and techniques
  • How to Draw a face  
  • Drawing a wolf  
  • Drawing a Sin City Pin-up  
  • Drawing a Sin City Pin-up, Part 2  
  • Drawing a Shiny Effect  
  • Drawing a Stormtrooper  
  • Drawing a Building, Part 1  
  • Drawing a Building, Part 2  
  • How to Draw the Cow Girl, Part 1  
  • How to Draw the Cow Girl, Part 2  
  • Final Chapter  
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