Course: Learn the secrets of sculpting and professional modeling

Learn the secrets of sculpting and professional modeling

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About this Course

How to make a three-dimensional piece clearly and step by step.

Learn to make a sculpture modeled in traditional plasticine (oil clay): the course guides you step by step in the creation of structures, volumes and surface of the piece, to the final details.

Have you ever had the curiosity to make a sculpture? Are you a student of fine arts and want a clear course that explains simply modeling techniques? Do you want to perfect your sculptural technique and learn more about materials?

In a few hours this video guides you from the realization of a light structure to the creation of volumes, until the final finishes. Each method and each material is clearly explained so that you can use it in the best way.

Do not miss the advice and techniques of a professional! 

remember: you have a 30 days money back guarantee :D

Basic knowledge
  • No knowledge of sculpture of any kind is necessary
  • It is important to have a sculpture project to work: it is a 100% practical course and it is important that you work on a piece of your choice, so that your hands become accustomed to mastering materials and tools
  • If you still do not have a sculpture project, you can take the course and let yourself be inspired by it, but then you must create your own figure (or make a similar one to mine) so that knowledge is practical and not theoretical
What you will learn
  • Learn from scratch to make a sculpture
  • Realize a three-dimensional piece modeled in plasticine or clay
  • Have knowledge about the use of materials suitable for the manufacture of a sculpture
  • Construct a simple stable structure
  • Perform light volumes
  • Work textures with different techniques
Number of Lectures: 21
Total Duration: 02:46:56
  • Introduction  
  • Materials List  
  • Sketch  
  • Easy steps to make a sculpture  
  • handmade textures  
  • texture stamps  
General volumes
  • General Volumes part 1  
  • General Volumes part 2  
  • General characteristics of the face  
Sculpting the details
  • Details: face and nose  
  • Details:eyes  
  • details: head  
  • Details: ears  
  • details: body  
  • details: arms  
  • Details: forearms  
  • Hands 1  
  • Hands 2  
  • Fixing hands  
  • Nipples  
  • Finished sculpture  
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