Course: Modern Art in 1 hour

Modern Art in 1 hour

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About this Course

Art movements like Abstract / Expressionism / Surrealism, their crucial visual artists like Kandinsky or Picasso, the major events in art history. A summary of the most important information.

Basic knowledge
  • Just the will to learn
What you will learn
  • A summary of the most relevant information about art history
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:09:56
  • Me and this course  

    A brief personal presentation

Art history
  • Since pre historical times  

    Painting has a long history

4 main art movements
  • Introduction  

    Introduction to these 4 art movements

4 main art movements - advices
  • Art movements - Advices  

    Some insights about these 4 art movements

  • 5 facts about Picasso┬┤s Cubism  

    Relevant info about Cubism, the art movement that has a different view on perspective rule in art

5 facts about Abstract art
  • Kandinsky Abstract art  

    Relevant info about abstract art and how it transformed art history

5 facts about Expressionism
  • The expressive revolution of Expressionism  

    Relevant info about the most expressive art movement

5 facts about Surrealism
  • The mental attitude  

    A new idea for visual arts

  • Conclusion to this course  

    Some final ideas

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