Course: Introduction to Art Therapy - Art Therapy for Beginner

Introduction to Art Therapy - Art Therapy for Beginner

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About this Course

***What Is Art Therapy?***

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving the method of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity that developed in the mid 1940’s for both adults and children. It is widely used in Europe and the United State.

One of the biggest benefits of art therapy is that, it able to  facilitate individual expression of their inner world that they may find difficult to express verbally.

You don't need to be a great artist, or even know how to draw, in order to make the full use of the art therapy. All you need is an imagination and an open mind to get the most from this Therapeutic Art / Arts Therapy course. There are no right or wrong in the drawing result. You just need to draw whatever that flow out from your heart and mind.

***This art therapy course is able to benefits you in below way***

  • It has an ability to facilitate positive perspectives on one’s life
  • It is capable of promoting a sense of personal independence, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency
  • Therapy has an ability to help a child work through difficult experiences
  • It allows a child to verbally and non-verbally communicate emotions that might otherwise be abandoned or sealed from society
  • Therapy instills constructive techniques to self-manage

***What does the course cover?***

This course is pretty much a hands on course, you will be spending most of your time in practicing drawing, such as mandala and zentagles. If you are a beginner that is looking to learn about Art Therapy, this course is exactly all you need.


This is not an art class course, you will not be learning how to draw a perfect picture. INSTEAD, this course is a beginner course for self healing, bringing out the inner artist inside you, making you happier and increase your self esteem. No matter how good or how bad are you at drawing, this art therapy is able to help you to express yourself freely through art.


in order to maximize your leanining experience, i will recommend you to do the following things before purchasing this course.

  • Read the course description and curriculum carefully, so that you will have an idea on what is this courses really about
  • Watch the preview lecture as much as you can. Preview lectures are  good checking point for elements such as accents and also presentation style
  • Read the review. I'm not a perfect instructors, so there will be some positive and negative reviews as a reference for you about the course
  • Talk to me. Feel free to sent me a message, and ask me any questions regarding my course, and i will get back to you asap i promise
Basic knowledge
  • You need to prepare drawing papers or A4 papers
  • You need to keep practicing the art therapy method
  • An open mind to learn
What you will learn

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

  • Able to explore you inner personality that you never knew
  • Hands on art therapy drawing technique for self healing
  • You will be able to use art as a relaxation method
  • You will be able to use art to release your stress and improve mood
  • You will be able to awake the giant within you
  • You will be able to build your self esteem and increase your confidence levels
  • You will be able to draw a complete mandalas and zentangle based on your own preferences
  • You will learn different art therapy method for self healing
Number of Lectures: 32
Total Duration: 03:32:58
Art Therapy Introduction
  • What is Art Therapy  

    In this tutorial you will learn about the fundamental of art therapy .Which include:

    1) The function of art therapy

    What and how art therapy can help people.

    2) Material needed for art therapy

    3) The advantages of art therapy

  • Why Art In Therapy ?  

    Art can be use for communication, and is an important means of expression of any experience. Art is extremely helpful to explore the unconscious mind of a person.

  • The History Of Art Therapy  

    In this tutorial you will learn about how does the history of art therapy come about . By understanding the history of art therapy , you will have a deeper understanding on art therapy .

  • The Benefits of Art Therapy  

    In this tutorial , you will be learning how art therapy can help us in creating a much more complete individual .

Releasing The Abandoned Inner Strength
  • Assessing Your Inner Child  

    Your Inner Child is The Echo of The Child You Once Were.

    We all have our own history .Our actions , behavior and even our personality influenced by the environment, events and the significant people around us.

    Our inner child has stored a lot of memories and trace of evident on why and what make us today .

    Therefore, it makes total sense that we should revisit the experiences of the child we once were, and to find out what our own script says about our life and the unfolding drama we have been re-creating and repeating.

  • Release Your Inner Artist  

    Everyone is an artist . Everyone can draw .

    In this tutorial , you will get to release the inner artist that hide inside your heart ,that is waiting for you to wake it up. 

    After watching this tutorial , your creativity mind will get to activated , and ideas will flow out smoother than before .

  • Finding Your Essence  

    One of the most powerful teachings is to show a person their essence. Shamanic technique work and revolve around essence.

  • The Art Of Giving  

    Give without remembering ,and ,receive without forgetting . The art of giving told us that , the things that we give is not just on physical products or money .It could be giving encouragement and kind words to others .

    In The Art Of Giving tutorial , you will learn it through stories . I have included a few inspired stories that able to give you inspiration about the Art of Giving , that you could practice in your daily life .

  • The Real Value Of Life  

    What is your definition of value of life ? By knowing your value , you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that standing in front of you .In this lecture , i have included some of the stories that inspired me and help me to walk through the darkness in life . I hope that it could help you as well.

  • Invocation  

    I find that invocation is a very powerful tools in releasing my inner strength when im lost in life . Therefore , i would like to include this The Great Invocation into this course , and hope it can help you as well .

  • Creating an inner peace  

    Everyone is an artist . Everyone can draw .

    In this tutorial , you will get to release the inner artist that hide inside your heart ,that is waiting for you to wake it up. 

    After watching this tutorial , your creativity mind will get to activated , and ideas will flow out smoother than before .

Art Therapy Techniques and Method
  • Introduction to Mandala  

    In this lecture , you will be learning the concept and the meaning behind mandala.

  • Introduction to Zentangle  

    Zentangle is a meditative and relaxing drawing method of building complex images from the repetition of simple patterns. 

    It able to help individual to increase focus, creativity, providing artistic satisfaction as well as an increased sense of self confidence and personal well being.  

  • How to draw Mandala Basic Shapes  

    In this lecture you are going to learn about how you can draw a mandala basic shapes in a fun and enjoyable way.

  • Drawing The Mandala  

    In this lecture , you are going to learn how to draw a complete mandala.

  • Drawing Mandala Following Your Mind & Heart  

    In this lecture , you will be drawing mandala by using your own imagination and creativity . Remember that the key to draw a mandala is to follow your heart.

  • Using Mandala for Self Healing  

    In this lecture , you will learn about how you can use mandala for self healing.

  • Blind Drawing  

    Imagine drawing without looking on your paper .How would that feel ? You will have extra focus on the subject that you are drawing , every single details ,lines of the object .

  • Emotional Painting  

    You will gain an understanding of how much of a role emotion plays in artmaking as you create paintings based on feelings.

  • Meditative Painting  

    The goal of meditative painting is to help you to relax and distress .There are No painting skill or experience required.

    This technique is able to let the Negative or stressful energy painted down onto the paper, or positive, healing energy can be brought out from what was painted on the paper .  

  • Drawing Vision Board  

    In this lecture , you will learn how to create a vision board . A vision board is a great exercise to set the goal that you want to achieve for your life.

    By using the law of attraction via visualization and taking action you are going to make things happen . 

  • Using Vision Board for Goal Setting  

    After this lecture , you will have a better understanding on how should you create a vision board that actually works !

  • Creating a Motivational Collage  

    We all need motivation .Motivation able to make us to do things that we might never think of doing . Such as , approaching the one that we secretly in love with and making a risky decision .

  • Creating A Post Card That You Never Send  

    Do you feel lost ? Do you feel helpless? You cant imagine a positive/bright future of yourself achieving greatness?

    At times in life , we feel down and helpless, especially when we put out great afford but there is little or no positive return . It is difficult to imagine that things are going to be better at that point .  

  • Zentangle Part 2  
  • Zentangle Part 1  
Art Therapy Assessment Method
  • Feeling Wheel  

    Feelings wheel in short it is a tools , which will help you to pinpoint how you’re feeling . Feeling wheel is actually was developed by Dr. Gloria and has been used by several counseling centers and outreach groups as a way to help clients better describe their emotions.Lets learn this tools to assist you on your self healing programme .

  • How i use feeling wheel for self healing.  

    A feelings wheel displays the full range of human feelings, both the positive and the negative ones, which matches our reality today. 

    Lets look at how you can use the feelings wheel for self healing .

  • Winnicott's Squiggle Game  

    In this squiggle game tutorial , you will learn about the fundamental on using this method to explore the inner thought of yourself or children .

  • Natural Colouring Agent for Art Therapy  

    Natural Colouring Agent for Art Therapy . Looking at using natural ingredient such as vegetable for your art therapy ?

    In this lecture , you will be learning how and what you can use as natural colouring agent for your art therapy .

  • The Yin And Yang Part 1  
  • The Yin And Yang Part 2  
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