Jellis Vaes

Jellis Vaes is a 25 year old international travel and adventure photographer. At the age of 18 he left his home and over the next 3 years traveled around the world. On that journey he mastered his photography skills while traveling through numerous types of landscapes in all kinds of weather and conditions. 

Through the lens of his camera he learned to notice the minute details of life and how everything changes, evolves and transforms around us. With an eye for detail - on life and the amazing planet we inhabit, he is able to capture that world, and draw people into the exact moment and place captured by the lens. He has worked with and helped various companies across the globe bringing their heart and soul to life through his pictures.

He is also the Founder and CEO of Inner Picture Stories, an educational platform on life, with resources, life lessons, quotes, tools, articles and a podcast to help you discover yourself and this world.