Vikram Narsaria

CA, Investment Adviser, Founder of

Vikram Narsaria is a Chartered Accountant and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. He worked for Big4 consulting firms and ecommerce companies before he decided to convert his passion for investing into a career. He possesses extensive experience in investing and consulting and advises his clients about managing their investments and helps them achieve their desired financial goals. He also writes about equity and mutual fund investments and also shares his knowledge in the form of books and courses on equities and mutual fund investing.

Vikram strongly believes that every citizen of India deserves to learn about investing and make the best use of the various investment instruments to create wealth for themselves and their families.Indian investors are not well-educated about investing, equity and mutual funds in particular, and this is the reason that a very small proportion of population invests in these instruments. Again, most of the small investors who invest end up making losses and some even lose all their capital. The only reason for this is a lack of knowledge which can help investors to have a right attitude towards these instruments. Stock and mutual funds have the ability to make investors financially independent, but investors need the right guidance and mental attitude to achieve this objective.

You can learn more about Vikram and his products and services by visiting his website – He can be reached via email at