Aman Varma

NLP | Psychologist

Aman Varma is a social skills expert.

He will coach you on various social skills such as communication, networking, influence, relationships, personal excellence & self management. This will help you to enhance your social value.

He has practiced NLP & Experimental Social Psychology in field since 2014, and He is widely respected coach in social world.

Aman Varma is a renowned personal psychologist, social skills coach, corporate training, personal brand consultant, youtuber and life coach based in Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

He is the founder of Aman Varma Reasearch & Coaching which is to be the top university to provide the best online courses on personality development, persuasion, personal branding, parenting, success, influence, mastery, etc.

Aman Varma aspires to be the top best Self Help Guru, Life Coach and Personality Development Trainer. He aims to be in the Top 10 Motivational Speaks in India.

Aman Varma wants to be in the top 10 authors of India.

Aman Varma is the author of the book"The law of resolving heart-mind conflict" which is published on kindle as an ebook. The book highlights the problem of heart mind conflict and solution on how to resolve heart vs mind conflict.

Aman Varma's YouTube Channel has personal development trending videos, psychology trending videos, leadership trending videos, etc.

You can subscribe to Aman Varma's YouTube Channel for Psychology Videos which are based on his personal experience and with reference to Psychology Today, Department of Psychology University, Asian American Journal of Psychology, APA.ORG, etc

Aman Varma has a strong social presence on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook

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