Asian Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) is a Bangkok-based organization that strives to strengthen the theory and practice of human rights activism, facilitate systematic linkages between academics and activists, and contribute to a continuous process of action and reflection. AIHR seeks to bridge the gap in facilitating learning based on a multi-disciplinary approach to human rights theory and practice.

The objectives of AIHR are:

  • Respond to challenges arising from changing economic, social, and political contexts
  • Facilitate systematic interaction between activists and academics
  • Respond to demands by wide ranging actors for human rights training and education
  • Facilitate learning of human rights concepts and skills by human rights practitioners

The program areas include:

  • Creating resource materials
  • Strengthening social justice lawyering
  • Strengthening skills for human rights monitoring
  • Facilitating human rights education in collaboration with universities
  • Providing space to activists to learn from different country contexts

Some of the publications of AIHR include:

  • Checklists on the core international human rights treaties – ICCPR, ICESCR, CEDAW, CRC, CED, CAT, and CRPD to facilitate review of whether domestic laws in a country are in compliance with the international human rights obligations, 2015
  • Law in the Struggle for Dignity and Justice’, 2015
  • ‘Understanding the Meaning and Practices of Human Rights Education’, 2015 – a joint publication of Asian Institute for Human Rights and Center for Human Rights Studies
  • Handbook on ICCPR, 2013
  • ‘Understanding Our Rights: Human Rights’, 2012 – publication in Thai and English
  • ‘Clarifying the Links Between Human Rights, Social Justice, Rule of Law: Monograph and Cartoon Book’, 2011
  • ‘Challenges in Human Rights Practice, A Dialogue’, February 2010
  • ‘Handbook on Monitoring Human Rights Violations’, 2009 – publication in Thai and English
  • ‘Handbook on Monitoring Courts and Trials’, 2009 – publication in Thai and English
  • ‘Reclaiming Rights in Forests Struggles of Indigenous People in Thailand’, 2008
  • Handbook on the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD), 2008 – publication in Thai and English

Please check the AIHR website to download the publications and for more information: