David Nichols

I have a lot of history that might impress you. Lofty sounding stuff like Ph.D., Bible College Professor, Sr. Pastor, Academic Dean, was a presbyter in the Assemblies of God organization,  missionary evangelist, ordained by the Assemblies of God (Sherry's ordained too by Five-Fold Int'l.) sent by God to Africa, India, and the USA.  

But let me say this; there is nothing that I hold more dear in my past than repenting of being a Pharisee on that remote lonely ND road the day that the Spirit of the Living God saw fit to tap my shoulder, convict me, and deliver me into new radical love for His children. That's the crux of who I am. It's what I eat, sleep and breath. It was a new revelation of God's love for His children that demanded true repentance, new humility, and a very different direction for David and Sherry Nichols! We found our new identity in Jesus and in Father's love, rather than in our busy activity.


So then, after being lit on fire by the revival in Pensacola, FL in 1997, Sherry and I founded Heart of the Father Ministries in the year 2000.  Since then we have focused on activating the local Saints via Apostolic ministry, conducted over 60 healing festivals plus invited Church ministry in towns, villages and cities of Africa, India and in 16 states the USA. We have ministered to over one million people face-to-face, seeing 350,000 of them repent at the altar.  Twice we have ministered to crowds of over 100,000 people in India! Wow, God is so good.

Sherry is my wife of 41 years. She is Co-founder of Heart of the Father ministries. She is also Office Manager of the ministry. The passions of the Father's heart run through her as she ministers to people who need His love.


 We have four married sons, 11 grandchildren, and live near Rush City, MN.