Bilal Zeyada

Eng Mechatronics, Web development, PHP developer

My name Bilal Zeyada

Master (M.A.) of Software Engineering from Al-Azhar University holds several degrees in data structures and systems analysis

Professional programming games on several programming engine games including Unity3D

Professional and specialized in web programming.

I teach students at several universities.

Executive Director of the Worldwide Programming Foundation, which is attended by several students and senior programming teachers.

When you enter my personal page on Simpliv, make sure that you see professional courses from the first elites so you can rest assured of your future.

Money is not everything We have taken the responsibility of teaching programming to students either free or at a very low price.

Always make sure that what you pay for learning is something you do not lose but earn a lot.

Do not hesitate to send a message to me if you want any course or any question at your service and open to any question, whether in programming or courses.

I want to say you trust yourself a lot and do not care about anything

Learn, ask and search, there is something new every day

Akram yourself find it and do not skimp on it


What you spend for learning does not lose, but you gain a lot from behind.

Made $50k from php alone!

Expert and professional programming in several languages such as PHP, javascript, Html5, Css3, Ajax, c #, Java, Micro C, Unity 3D

Developer of several great sites

I have many experiences including designing printed electronic boards

Simulation on Protues program and I have experience in programming games on Unity3D engine 

Programmer for Small Business

Courses from Bilal Zeyada