Deepika Misra


I am Deepika Misra, CSM, SSBB (Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi) and Master of Total Quality Management, with over 11 years of extensive experience as a trainer and consultant in Software processes, Quality management and assurance, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum, CMMI, ISO, Applied Statistics, Statistical process control and Audits. 

My work experience involves leading Metrics Council, establishing metrics frameworks and baselines, leading SEPG and Quality Assurance activities for various business units, mentoring a team of SQAs.

Training and facilitation of projects for process adherence and improvement, and preparing them for CMMI assessments and ISO & TL certifications etc. has given me ample opportunities to evolve as a trainer.

Since last two years I am working on preparing training content on Process, Quality, Lean Six Sigma etc. and soon shall be uploading that all here.

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