Chand sheikh

Chand is a knowledgeable person and has a keen interest in helping students worldwide. He is Director of StudyEasy Organization. He and his team are dedicated to building the high-quality content of technology-based topics. The motivation for Chand is how technology has helped him reach thousands of students worldwide.

Chand is a great instructor, he holds a Bachelor of Computer Applications professional graduation degree course in computer science and a Master of Computer Applications, both from Maharashtra.

Currently, he has created more than 17 courses and more than 100,000+ students trust him with their learning needs. He has a profound knowledge of Java.

In fact, Chand’s courses are often purchased by students who plan to become a Java developer and aims to get a first Java programming job but strives to discover what skills employers want.

Chand ’s teaching style is different from other and easy to understand because he usually takes simple and easy examples and follows a step-by-step approach. His skillset includes Java, JSP & Servlets, spring framework, spring boot, Jax-rs, JSF.

Helping you master these issues is Chand’s highest priority. At the end of the Chand’s courses, you will have great confidence without any previous experience. What are you waiting for? Join him in this adventure from today!

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