Mario Leone

Mario Leone comes at us all the way from New York, the skyscraper capital of the world. The son of traditional Italian suburbanites, he finds his solace in his sleek basement apartment where he types away at his keyboard through the variety films that he continues to write. He is a determined Screenwriter with several spec scripts under his belt and a full length feature aimed to be out in October 2019 featuring one of the Desperate Houses-wives of Miami! Mario also does Fight Choreography along with screenwriting. He prides himself to knowing the rules so that he might walk that fine line artistically. To this end, he earned his competent communication through Toastmasters. He pushes forward into the screenwriting world in order to bring his stories to life. Mario enjoys his acclaim in screenwriting with his first feature-length Horror screenplay "Apollyon 2019." That script is excellent! However, his other screenplays revolve around Science Fiction, Drama, and Horror.

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