Stephanie D McKenzie

Whether the audience is eight students in a classroom, or 800 professionals attending an event, Stephanie D. McKenzie, MBA, MA, CPC, CRC, CSSC is both an educator and entertainer with a heart to encourage and edify every member of that audience.

She sees every opportunity to speak and to teach as a chance to be a part of someone’s journey. An entrepreneur for more than three decades, her background includes diversified experiences, which include:

  • Award-winning marketer
  • Four-time author
  • Certified Coach
  • Podcast Host

Steph delivers topics with both humor heart, but also guides the audience to seek their own truth. She will empower your group of professionals, students or relationship enthusiasts, and they are guaranteed to LAUGH, LOVE and LEARN!

Currently, Steph is the Lead Coach of The Relationship Firm as well as The Healing Firm, in addition to teaching, training and consulting with coaches and companies internationally.

Courses from Stephanie D McKenzie