Jason Montoya

Author & Small Business Consultant

Now a full-time freelancer, I originally moved to Atlanta in 2005 with my wife, Cait. I attempted to make an animated feature film, launched a political news website, graduated in 2008 from the Art Institute of Atlanta, owned a marketing agency for seven years, and authored a book on flourishing in freelancing called Path of the Freelancer.

I'm also one of the three originators of IDEMA, a framework for capturing and sustaining ideas, and the author of a parable titled The Island Story.

In my journey, I've personally experienced and seen others experience the life of surviving in isolation. In my times of need, others helped and inspired me when I needed it. As a result, my personal aim is to inspire others to a place of thriving and togetherness.

What does Thriving Together mean for me? It means living in healthy community with others. One where his relationship with God, family, work, community, and country are lived out as a positive example. An example others would aspire to.

I believe in sharing good, and not so good, stories from my journey through my blog as a way to process ideas and inspire others.