Veronica Yoo

Veronica Yoo is an experienced Nutritionist, Published Author, CEC Instructor, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, WBFF Professional Figure Athlete, owner/operator of Makeover Nutrition, and co-founder of Fantastic Life- World's first hormone balancing nutrition application.

She is a lady who is very connected to her family. Her father played a very large part in her becoming the person she is today, he put the foundation and taught her what is important and also instilled a work ethic in her that would enable her to take on any task and complete it, and complete it with success. The ability to put in long hours of research and work every day without complaining.

Most of Veronica's clients are middle-aged men/women who have weight issues as well as other health problems that need to be addressed so they can live a healthy and optimal life. She is very well versed in the benefits of herbs vitamins and minerals which can be used to help treat many problems that modern medicine is used to treat, but without any of the side effects.

She sees the body as it is; an interconnected whole within a larger environment. She believes in supporting the body with high quality sources of real foods, lifestyle, and behaviour modifications, nutritional supplements, and botanical herbs in order to reset hormones and promote optimal organ functions.

Veronica loves her work and enjoys researching through medical journals and cross-referencing with a functional medicine practitioner, naturopath, and functional medicine nutrition and lifestyle plans that will ensure success and will benefit her client’s health and well-being!

She lives an active lifestyle and follows a balanced whole foods diet.

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