Natasha McDowall


Natasha McDowall is an author, self-publisher, course creator and instructor.

Natasha worked as a marking examiner with the Association of Business Executives in the UK, where she marked Business Communication and Introduction to Business examination papers. As an examiner, she would mark up to four hundred scripts each examination session.

A Course Creator and Instructor; she has twenty-five hundred-plus students enrolled with an overall review of four-plus stars. Natasha has a love of knowledge sharing. She is a wife and mother of two and being a course creator and instructor allows her to enjoy the best of both worlds i.e. spending time with her family and sharing what she knows.

Natasha also enjoys creating; she makes handmade natural soaps, as well as delicious home-cooked recipes.

Natasha has completed several business courses including a BA (Hons) Business Studies with Human Resource Management, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business Administration with the Association of Business Executives UK (ABE) and an Advanced Diploma in Business Accounting with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

In addition to her business qualifications and experience, she worked in Dentistry for over seventeen years in the United Kingdom and overseas. Natasha has experience mentoring and coaching dental trainees. She qualified as a Dental Nurse in the UK in 2005 by completing the National Certificate in Dental Nursing. In 2008 she joined the register of Dental Nurses with the General Dental Council UK when it became mandatory for all dental nursing personnel to be registered. She has now voluntarily removed herself from the General Dental Council UK register, as she pursues other interests but continues to keep in touch with the changes in the field in order to knowledge share.

In her effort to contribute to her local community, she volunteered at a local Credit Union in London UK as a Credit Officer, as well as sat on its Board of Directors.