Paul Bright


I work outside the entertainment industry's studio system creating truly independent feature films for niche audiences who are not being served by the major corporations which dominate Hollywood. 

I am a writer, director, producer and editor and make a new feature film in a year. I have nine feature films in global distribution, another film in pre-production and three more features in development. 

My movies have been translated into dozens of languages and seen by millions of people.

I've sold my films at the European Film Market in Berlin, Germany. In addition to film festivals, I've been flown to private screenings hosted by film fans and funders. Screenwriters hire me as their script doctor to make their stories 'work.' Filmmakers hire me to schedule and budget projects. 

In addition to feature films, I've also produced web series, short films, and documentaries. 

I started my career working as a union actor in Hollywood for seven years before learning how to produce and direct my own films. I still perform in front of the camera and record audiobooks because it's fun.

My primary career is producing and directing feature films. 

I love teaching new filmmakers about this incredibly exciting, fulfilling craft. I've guest lectured at UCLA Film School and helped students from NYU, Columbia, School for Visual Arts in New York, and the film program at the University of Texas, Austin.