Laura De los Santos

Screenwriter & script consultant

I have BA in screenwriting, with more than 10 years of international experience working as a screenwriter and script consultant. I'm currently working on the thesis of my Masters in Education, languages and Media.

I'm the writer of the award winning feature 'A journey through pines'. Available on Amazon.

I have two more feature scripts already optioned.

I've written new versions of classics like Cinderella, The ugly duckling, and Beauty and the beast. I'm also the author of kids stories for clients around the world.

I've written more than 50 commercial videos.

I am the author of the screenwriting book for beginners "Around the script in 80 secrets". Sold-out in its first edition in Spanish. Soon available in English on Amazon.

My science fiction novel in Spanish "The oracle of madness" is available on Amazon.

As a script consultant I've helped over 300 clients to improve their work. providing them with general structure issues, character's deepness and evolution throughout the story, the importance of each scene, sequence, and conflicts. For each problem I see, I provide at least two solutions. I don't like to criticize if I'm not going to be helpful with it.

Reason, logic, and general perception of the specific audience are also taken into account when I read the scripts.

How the dialogues help the characters to express, how they 'speak' about them, how much information are you giving away and how. Is it relevant? Is it interesting?

I've worked as a screenwriting teacher for more than 5 years.

I have two online courses with more than 800 students.

I have self-motivation, patience, and the ability to accept criticism. I am very creative and have strong storytelling skills. 

I'm passionate about my profession.

Life without passion is simply not worthy!