Antoine Lelievre

Freelance - Online Marketing - Business Management

Hello everyone!

I am currently a final year master student in business management and digital marketing. After developing interest and knowledge in e-commerce I wrote ebooks on related topics, including, but not limited to Digital Product Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Emails list building and Promotional Emailing. 

I have created and published online courses, in partnership with my friend and colleague

Howard Lynch. You can, of course, find my ebooks in part of these successful Udemy courses! 

After careful consideration and having gained experience in this activity, I decided to become an instructor and share my knowledge with you. I walked the walk, and now I am ready to demonstrate what can be done in the world of internet marketing, as well as engage students and make sure we all take action. 

Have a question ?

Feel free to ask, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 



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