Craig Forgrave

  I am a published novelist (Devil Jazz, ENC Press), award-winning playwright (Karsh Gold Medal, Can. National Playwriting Competition), screenwriter (Writer's Guild, Canada) and I have been featured/quoted in The Globe and Mail, CNBC, CNN Entertainment and the LA Times. I am a professional project manager (PMP) with over 25 years of successful project delivery in the public and private sector. I specialize in business value discovery, creative project collaboration and strategic consultation on multi-million dollar projects and programs. I lead creative teams using my experience and proven methods that stimulates ideas, builds creative collaborative teams and inspires them to produce the best value outcomes.  I believe we all have great ideas and just need the inspiration and perspiration needed to change our lives to align better with our dreams and goals, whether that is more time for family and fun or more money to pursue independent lifestyles and careers.