Marjolijn de Graaf

Instructor & Author

Marjolijn de Graaf is a Change facilitator and Decision designer for organisations in change


As a change architect and change facilitator, I have a psychological view on organisational development. Managers hire me to support themselves and their teams to deal with changes in such a way that they produce more impact, more (human) energy and more sustainability.

My attention goes out to the social dimension of a technological or organisational innovation: that is about attitude and behaviour. I believe in the power of co-creation, because change is not feasible, but mainly arises in the interaction between people. So my work mostly consists of designing meaningful moments of interaction (sessions and dialogues) with which I guide managers and teams in their change assignment.

As a senior Change practitioner and published author I have a track record of facilitating behaviourial change projects with my proven approach of Decisions by Design.