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Zai Miztiq, also known as the walking, talking miracle is a global speaker, author, trainer, model and life coach. Her works have reached out to thousands across Asia, UK, Europe, Middle East & Africa. An alumni of the Women’s Leadership Academy of the US Department of State, nominated as ‘The Most Compassionate Womenpreneur Award 2019’, awarded ‘Kindness Advocate’ and ambassador of VOLK – Voice of Loving Kindness by Singapore Kindness Movement, conferred as ‘101 Most Fabulous Global Coaching Leader 2020’ by the World HRD Congress & recognized by Disney for her excellent service since 1999, she is excited to shed the light of positivity and possibility to the world.

Despite her success momentum, little is known of a tragedy that struck her in April 2005. After a painful recovery from an accident that almost rendered her paralysed, Zai's determination for a comeback redefined her life's mission and that became a driving force for her to positively impact humanity.

Her journey began as a makeup artiste and model while still pursuing her Diploma in International Business & Human Resource Management. After graduation, she pursued her passion for Henna and body art which grew into a business with massive media attention that has taken her around the world to places like Japan, Europe and the Middle East. The business grew into a multitude of various disciplines that include an e-commerce platform, hijab enterprise, language coaching and translation, and outreach programmes. An avid traveller, she spent time residing in various countries such as Japan, Morocco, Yemen, Spain and Italy to learn and share the different cultural and success values.

She launched her first book ‘Turn Your Passion to Profits’ after a sold out trial print. Not only is the book a key tool in her life coaching and business workshops, it has also opened more doors for her to speak and share her experiences at various institutes. Her books have flown into Australia, New Zealand, UK, U.S.A., Middle East, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Romania, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa and Japan. 2 years later, she launched her second book, ‘5 Things I Love About Being A Woman’ which became an Amazon International Best Seller in 14 categories in Australia, US & UK.

Her commitment to constantly improve never stops. She got accredited with Gallup Inc as a Strengths Coach and she is also a certified trainer cum assessor under WSQ’s ACTA and People’s Association.

Believing more can be done, she incorporated JIOM Pte Ltd in September 2014 with the intention to assist women and youth through her Step Up! initiatives and renowned ‘Sisterhood Mentorship Programme’ aiming to facilitate her clients rediscover their strengths & identity, realign their purpose with meaning, gain confidence and clarity and be happy.

Her momentous achievements was being awarded ‘Entrepreneur Honouree 2016’ Award by the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce Industry, speaking on International stages in East Malaysia for a ‘Young Achiever’s Summit’, ‘Rise & Thrive Conference’ in Morocco followed by a TV production in the UK.

After her graduation from the studies of Psychotherapy & Counselling in 2019, she is receiving more requests from organizations and schools to provide keynote speeches and training on topics of motivation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

She was given the trust and opportunity to single-handedly spearhead and carefully crafted an impactful motivational talk for parents for a national association in Singapore with the topic, ‘Resilient, confident parents, raise confident, compassionate children’. Inspired by the amazing testimonials from the parents, Zai aims to introduce this new programme nationwide to foster a safe environment for individuals and families to express the difficulties they are facing, and work towards their common goal as a family unit. She hopes to see youths and their families empowered, to restore and maintain strong relational bonds that will last beyond the training room.

On May 2019, she launched ‘Heart N Action Foundation’ – a ground up initiative that partners local NGOs from the various countries that she visits to, to help support their mission – and she is most passionate in helping the orphanages and village development projects.

In her free time, she enjoys archery, diving and Arabic calligraphy where she taught others on how to read, write and speak the language. A former runway model, she was crowned as Runner Up for 2002 Miss India Singapore.

Inspired by her passion for modelling, Zai is on the side pursuing her childhood dream as a fashion and runway model. Her aim is to impact more of the world with her core signature theme, ‘The Runway to Resilience’. She is observing the trend and fascinated by how the fashion world is celebrating diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity in this present era and believes that merging that with her message of empowerment will help spread more positivity and creativity for the world to Step Up and be the best versions of themselves.

Reflecting on how far she has come, Zai explained, "I feel like I have been given a second chance in life. My time on Earth will expire, but the knowledge I have and learning tools and skills I have acquired, I can empower and enrich the world with forever. And now that the world brings an entirely new meaning, I am dedicating myself to inspiring others turn their pain into power and turn their dreams into reality with confidence and clarity. My hope is for the world to Step Up! to be the strong, soulful, success they are meant to be. My dream is to help people believe that they can be whatever they want to be with faith and love.”

Zai Miztiq

Author | Speaker | Coach

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