Jeff Hendrickson

Senior Experience Architect, GE Aviation

I teach companies how to stop throwing big BI investment dollars out the window. Design Thinking isn't just a hot new buzzword to me - it's my passion and it's a dynamic way for me to help people gain creative confidence while teaching companies how to innovate processes and reap higher BI investment ROI. I write on the subject, I teach in person and online, I’ve been interviewed for eWeek, and I guide users, developers, and managers in deep dive discovery to the heart of business challenges. I truly believe that in my way, I’m helping create a better business world.

For the past fifteen years as a UX researcher, director and Design Thinking course creator, I've taught over 500 people in cities around the world.  The interaction in my training is high, and team collaboration builds with each project UX challenge we work to solve.  My purpose in every engagement is to draw out creative leadership and start a design mentality where collaborative innovation is ultimately the culture.  Put simply, I never come in to do a job, I come in to cause positive change. 

Courses from Jeff Hendrickson