Sanja Stojanovic

Psychologist & Life Coach

Sanja is a psychologist, Life Coach and passionate researcher in the field of positive psychology, life coaching and motivation. Her coaching and teaching approach is based on science and real-life practices and experiences. As a worker, she is committed and professional.

She writes self-help and personal development e-books and she is an author of online psychology courses.

     Also, she is a parent, young mom, and wife. Her clients, students, and friends say she is patient, caring and compassionate. Her teaching approach includes elements of REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) and in her classes and sessions, we can clearly see how much she love her job and how much she is passionate about helping people.

Some of the areas she is working on the most are: 





Stress relief


 Bachelor of Psychology with Honours diploma


 Life coach certificate


 Life coach certificate (ADVANCED)

  • Psychoanalysis - Certificate


Institute for Mental Health

Practice - The course of Psychodiagnostics : she conducted a practice at the mental institution health at the Clinical Center. She was working with different types of patients and clients, on counseling, diagnosing and creating clinical dossiers, which includes the patient examination and complete data processing, in order to find the right diagnose. During the development of a clinical dossier, she was working with psychological instruments: Machover MMPI 202WB scale of intelligence Minnesota multifaceted personal inventory of personality test of ego perception.

Counseling center for students

She works as an associate in the counseling center for students which includes planning and implementation of educational meetings and seminars,

Primary school "Dusan Radovic", Professional practice in the field of professional practice, she acquired certain knowledge in the field of pedagogical psychology. The practice was done in elementary school, so she had the opportunity to learn the complete work of a school psychologist. The basic things she was dealing with were testing young kids, solving conflicts among them, professional guidance, problems of violence at school, etc.

She said: "There are some psychologists and coaches who only wants to teach, and there are the ones who want to change lives."

Courses from Sanja Stojanovic