Janice Willis

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Hello My name is Janice Willis. I'm a professional singer and song writer.. I studied Music Production at the Berk lee College of Music and Music Composition online. I'm also a former performing arts student at east coast college in Great Yarmouth Norfolk united kingdom.I have sung in bars for 31 years and theatre shows for 20 years. I first found out about Band lab Software for song writing from an online discussion forum. During a phase of ill health in 2018, I decided to learn how to use the software for music composition and production. i RELEASED MY FIRST SINGLE, Ever since the day in MAY 2018. it debuted in the top 40 pop charts at number 38 on July 28th 2018 on www.hitsyoulove.com. The follow up single, Too Late For Happy Endings, got to number 5. My current single, Sing, got to number 1 on www.hitsyoulove.com BMS Radio Chicago Network on December 25th 2019.

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